What happened to wearing your Sunday best?

Is there any Church doctrine about how to dress for Mass? Last Mass it looked as if most of the parish was going on picnic or to a ball game! Not Mass! One lady carrying the hosts had short-shorts on! How disrespectful! How do I bring this up to the priest?

No, there is no “Church doctrine” on how to dress for Mass. Dressing for Mass is not a doctrinal matter but a matter of local etiquette (in the absence of disciplinary mandates from the Church). Right now, there is only common sense, respect, and prudence – something that must be encouraged on the local level by the pastor. But, before you approach the pastor, I can only suggest you first take time to cool down. I sympathize with your upset, but not many priests today see dress standards at church as a hill they’re willing to die on – and an overwrought, angry appeal from you will only make a reluctant priest more so. Once you have mastered your own emotions over the issue, then see the links below for more information.

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