What happened to?


What happened to "catholic1? I haven’t heard from him since that one day. I was hoping he’d answer me to tell me if he was “sdqa.” But I see he got suspended. Are you permitly banned if you get suspended?


I was enjoyng the ramblings of catholic1 and all the threads he started. I thought it was great to read his posts because he had no concept of what Catholic Faith is. All he knew is what anti-Catholics gave him.

As I understand the punishment, he will be allowed back. I look foward to his return. I hope he comes back with an open mind so he can at least get the Catholic Faith correct. Then is he bad mouths it at least he’ll be truthfull or at least correct.

He doesn’t have to believe it, after all Faith is a gift from God. He should at least get his facts straight though.


And he needs to get a better (or, at least, a more truthful) alias.


I did not like the titles he gave to his posts. They were offensive and with no basis. He posted just to get reactions or more shock value. Very sad.


What does it mean to get suspended? I have even seen Catholics suspended on here. Why?


A moderator noticed their posts and felt they were inappropriate, so they were suspended from posting- or someone (maybe more than one person- I’m not sure how that works exactly) reported their post to one of the moderators.

I don’t think Catholic1 was serious. I think he/she was bored and felt like saying something online to get a reaction- and he/she did. A lot of people don’t take things seriously here because it’s online. I’ve exchanged instant messages with people who think like that- they’re just into idle conversation because they’re bored- then they leave without saying they’re leaving whenever something else catches their attention- like the person isn’t worth paying attention to simply because they’re not sitting right in front of them.


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