What happened???

Hello everyone,

Today i went to Confessions to, obviously, confess my sins. While in there, I did my best to remember them all and i was deeply sorry for the ones i did remember. After i was absolved from my sins something happened.

I felt my heart start beating and i wanted to cry once i left. I’m still feeling this way right now. Here’s the thing. Before i entered the confessional i asked God to open my heart and come in. This leads me to believe this feeling can be one of two things.

A) It could be what i asked God to do for me.

B) i forgot a sin or accidentally forgot to say one and that sin became heavier. OR i wasn’t deeply sorry enough.

I dearly hope it isn’t B. Does anyone have an idea what it is?

God Bless

What do you think? Try to be rational about this despite your emotions.

In terms of B, why would the Lord work that way? Even if you did forget something it is forgiven.

My own thoughts are that scruples have set in and it is ruining your peace and upsetting you right when you should be contemplating the gift the Lord has given you and His mercy and love for you. I know how that is. It’s terrible! I pray and hope the Lord grants you peace so you can enjoy Him without doubt and anxiety.

You’ve been to confession. You’ve confessed the sins you remembered. You’ve been forgiven.

All the rest is emotion.

There’s a prayer that might help you to calm down.

When you breath in, think “fiat” (Let your will be done, Lord), out , think “Magnificat” , which is adoring and thanking God, and at the empty part after out , “ecce”… which is Behold, empty without you, Lord. Keep it on a mediation ~

Read in Consoling the Heart of Jesus by Fr. Michael E. Gaitley

Magnificat is the longest most important, and don’t forget ecce

God doesn’t work that way. If you forgot one, it is forgiven and you simply mention it next time.

As for not being “sorry enough,” well it is my understanding that confession does its thing even if you only go because you really don’t want to go to Hell, though that isn’t considered the highest form of contrition. How emotionally upset you are is really kind of an aside (not to say that emotions aren’t important, as they can mirror our will and stuff, but they aren’t primary).

So basically, you’re good. It is good to recognize that sin is bad, and to a certain extent to become emotionally upset by our sins, but don’t take it to the point where you are concerned whether or not God’s forgiven you because you think you might not have been sorry enough, or upset enough. God doesn’t play those games.

When I go to confession, which is not often enough, but I am brought to tears everytime I am spraying the Act of Contrition. I think it`s because I feel so overwhelmed that I am forgiven for having offended our Lord and he has blessed me so abundantly. Even though I have not committed a mortal sin, I feel so bad that I know even venial sins offend Him.

So God loves you and He has forgiven you. Be glad and rejoice in His Mercy.:highprayer:

If I were to guess, then I’d attribute the question to being one of an attack from the evil one.

If you ask for something as holy as God entering your heart, don’t be surprised when it is granted. Also, don’t think for one second that you’re not worth the attention from Him.

Here’s a thought that just popped into my head: How might God feel when you decide to “reconcile” - become eye lash to eye lash once again? If God has come into your heart, perhaps you’re getting a taste of that. Just a thought…

One of the great blessings of Confession is that it gives us certitude that our sins have been forgiven. We need to be contrite, but that contrition doesn’t have to be perfect. We need to not deliberately leave anything out, but if something is forgotten, it is still forgiven.

In general, I would say that examining our conscience and reflecting on our sinfulness naturally leads to less than pleasant feelings coming to the surface. Sometimes those feelings can remain even after we leave the Confessional. But we know we are forgiven because we trust the teachings Jesus gives us through the Church.

I think you got what you prayed for. Some people say God doesn’t listen. It is us that don’t listen. Blessings-stay safe.

I’ve asked God to show me the effects of my sins. He hasn’t answered it probably because I couldn’t handle it. Maybe that’s what he gave you a small taste of? Be glad and thank God. Religious experiences aren’t always going to be warm and fuzzy.

What you said here is exactly what 2 other friends told me. One of them is a seminarian (who i met on my visit to the seminary) and the other is a Catholic Leader. I find it interesting that these 2 said the same exact thing. And now you. Maybe this is what God has granted me. Idk but thank you and to all those who have helped me.

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