What happens at a parish retreat?

My parish is having a half-day retreat next week. I’ve never been to a retreat. What do they do? The only thing the bulletin said was it was to educate the parish.

I don’t think there will be a priest there, only the deacons. We are a mission parish and only have a priest on Sunday and Holy Days. I was hoping for a chance for confession without having to drive!


It depends on who is presenting the retreat, its purpose, and its intended audience. Did they give a name or a theme? Typically some prayer, some scripture reading, perhaps a talk, some quiet time for reflection, and suggestions for meditations and readings to extend the retreat at home.

The theme as far as I could tell is “educating the parish”. That is what the bulletin said. What we will be educated on, I do not know.

It is being presented by our deacons. It is open to the whole parish.

Parish retreats vary. I never been to two which were the same.


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