What happens if a perpetually professed nun or religious sister becomes pregnant (through no fault of her own)?


In light of the recent report of a nun in Orissa who fell victim to the detestable crime of rape, and was repeatedly violated (this story was also posted in the Catholic News section of CAF), a question came to my mind:

Though the following situation is improbable, my sense tells me that our Church in Her 2,000 year old wisdom and experience, has surely said something somewhere about this so that we are not unprepared to handle such difficulties:

If a perpetually professed nun or religious sisters, is raped, and becomes pregnant, what becomes of her religious vocation? On the one hand, she did not break her vow of chastity; she is in good standing and is in need of great sensitivity and compassion. On the other hand, her obligations as a mother would interfere with the duties of her religious state. What must be done?


That would be up to her in discernment and consultation with her religious superior.


Being raped does not effect one's religious vows.
Regarding the child, I assume it would be different for different orders/congregations.
Another option is to find a family to adopt the child.


She is still a virgin


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