What happens in a Catholic-Jewish wedding?

When a Catholic marries a person of the Jewish faith, what is required for a concelebrated marriage rite (priest and rabbi perform the rite together)? Must the ceremony take place in a Catholic church or can it be in a non-denominational site, such as a community hall?

While a priest will perform a wedding with a rabbi assisting so long as the couple has received the necessary permissions from the local bishop, you are very unlikely to find a rabbi who will perform an interfaith marriage at all, much less with a priest in a Catholic church. Those few rabbis who do perform interfaith marriages usually will only do so outside of a church and if the couple commits to raising the children Jewish. (A rabbi who doesn’t place any such conditions upon his or her participation in an interfaith marriage usually is a “rent-a-rabbi” who generally is not held in high esteem by fellow rabbis.) A Catholic, of course, cannot agree to allow his or her children to be raised Jewish. One of the conditions for a dispensation to marry a non-Catholic is for the Catholic to promise to do his best to raise the children Catholic.

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