What happens on the Day of Ordination


This may sound like an off-the-wall question, but I wondered if someone could tell me what happens immediately following an Ordination. I've seen the Rite, and I've been to the celebratory Mass and reception the following day. But what do the newly ordained priests do after the ceremony? The reason I ask is, I am writing a novel and one of the main characters is a newly ordained priest. Does the diocese have a special reception, or does the family? Any help you can give would be appreciated.


I wish I could tell you, but God willing my ordination day (if all goes well and God wills it) will be at least 15 years. Sorry I don’t know.


Have you thought about asking your Priest? I am sure he would definitely be able to tell you. If not, you might try contacting a newly ordained Priest in your Diocese. Yes, it may be stretching the limits a bit, but I believe since you are writing a novel with a main character being a newly ordained Priest, they would probably be more than happy to help. I wish you luck on your novel!


Generally what happens is the Mass ends. Immediately afterwards, there’s an official picture with the ordaining bishop(s). After that there’s usually a little reception in the cathedral/church hall. The reception lasts no more than an hour or two, in my experience. During this time, the newly ordained priests often give First Blessings to everyone who may ask. There is also the custom of kissing a newly ordained priest’s hands out of reverence, since they may now consecrate the Eucharist. After blessings and receptions are over, the newly ordained may go home, or they may have a more elaborate, private reception with close friends and family members.


Yes. I’ve been trying to talk to him for 2 months. He never has time, and I hate bothering a priest right after Mass with something trivial. I’ve been doing a lot of research on Holy Orders and the Priesthood (the mystical aspects). I came on the forum with the hope someone could help. My novel is at a standstill until I get past the scene I need to write!


Thank you. I kind of imagined it to be like this. I knew of the photo and the blessings. Kissing the hands is lovely. I will probably use that! I only attended one ordination and that was almost 20 years ago. But it was extremely beautiful. That I do remember. I appreciated your response.


I have been to quite a few ordinations. After the reception and first blessings at the cathedral they usually have their own reception. The ones I have been to were like weddings in a catering hall with a DJ and dancing and a formal dinner. The following day the celebrate their first Mass in their home parish.


I’m so sorry. I wish I could have been a better help, but it seems like the other posters know exactly what they’re talking about, so I would definitely use what they have said.


No worries. Your answer was fine, if I had a priest that was more dependable. I had a meeting scheduled last Thursday to discuss several things. I got to the rectory and he was sick and asked me to reschedule — this is after 2 months of trying to schedule something. He is a good person and a good priest, but he is also very disorganized and scattered. When I pray for him, I refer to him as my scattered priest. :slight_smile:


Hi i think this is already a tradition here in my country that right after the ordination the newly ordained-priest will go back to his home-parish and then the parishioners will celebrate mass with him and after that there will be a parade where the people (especially those who are not active in the church or those who are not regular-mass goers) will get the chance to know that this person has already been ordained to priesthood.


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