What Happens to Jesus Inside Me?


After I receive the host that has become Jesus in Holy Communion, what happens to the physical Jesus inside my body?


The Church teaches that when the “bread” and the “wine” cease to have the appearances of bread and wine, the Real Presence also ceases.


That all depends on the state your soul is in.

If you are steeped in a state of mortal sin, the Graces of Jesus will not imbue itself within your soul, unless Jesus has other plans for you.

If you are in a state of Grace, then the Body and Blood will bring even greater Graces into your soul. Fortunately, there is not a limit to the amount of Grace within your soul.

(Edited from original post) Ahhh, I see that you are asking about the physical Body and Blood and not the Graces that come with it.


So, after I’ve chewed the host that is Jesus, the Real Presence ceases…then, is the physical Jesus changed into the grace that fills the soul of the righteous person?


Christ isn’t ‘changed into’ grace, He gives you grace. In Communion, grace is infused into your soul through the Real Presence of Christ’s Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, which lasts as long as the appearances of bread and wine. In effect, Christ makes you more like Himself, it is *you *who changes.
In other words, the Physical Presence of Christ is not changed into spiritual grace, but transmits that grace to you in this mysteriously intimate way.

Fr. Corapi once gave a talk explaining it as how the dead flesh of an animal–which is lower than us in the level of being–when consumed becomes a source of sustenance for our mortal lives, so when we consume the living flesh of Christ–Who is God and therefore infinitely higher than us in being–our mortal lives are ‘divinized’, raised into a higher state of immortality.
But all ways of expressing this great Mystery are not adequate to the full understanding.


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