What happens to the soul of one who is sacrificed to Satan?

Hi, I’m listening to the Drew Mariani show on relevant radio here, right now, and he’s talking about curses and satanism.

I’m catholic, don’t practice any of the occult or wiccan stuff, pure catholic teaching, and i’m wondering that if a satanist were to sacrifice a human to satan, for any reasons, spells, power, or whatever… what would happen to the sacrificed person’s soul? Would that soul go to satan, even though the sacrificed probably didn’t willingly choose to take part in the event?

Also, if someone omits to tell the priest at a baptism that a godparent is not a Catholic, is the baptism still valid?

Dear Uzumaki,

Satan NEVER has power over an innocent human soul. Such a topic has little place on Catholic radio! It sounds like irrelevant radio to me, not to mention, irresponsible!

If someone omits to tell the priest that a godparent is not a Catholic, the baptism is still valid.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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