What Happens when a Person Is unable to find Baptism and Confirmation Certificates?


Hello Everyone,

I'm asking becasue a friend of mine is in a certain situation. He Currently lives abroad and is thinking of visiting or possibly joining a monastery there. Unfortunately he doesnt have baptismal or confirmation certicifates, and does not remember the parish where these things took place. He has tried visiting his home country and checked with many parishes there, he cannot remember dates or times of these things, but he has clear memories that they did happen.

I know that an older relative can give their word, to say that they saw the persons baptism/ confirmation. What happens if a person has no remaining relatives who can do this?

I advised my friend to speak to a priest or possibly the bishop, I did not know what else to tell him.

Does such a person need to be baptised or confirmed again, in order to get the required documents? Is there any exceptions to such scenarios, how will a situation like this really be sorted out?

Looking forward to replies from you all.


He needs to talk to the Superior of the order he is considering joining. They will guide him.


Yes, and if Baptismal records have been destroyed ,or cannot be confirmed there is conditional Baptism. Peace, Carlan


My mother was in a similar situation when she wanted to transfer from to the Ruthenian church. Since no record could be found, the Bishop decided that she could be conditionally baptized and enrolled directly in the Ruthenian church.


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