What happens when First Communion isn't recorded?

I was baptized and received First Communion in the Catholic Church in 1977 and was confirmed in 1979. I decided to get all my paperwork in order, so I have been in contact with the two parishes. The confirmation record came through. The parish where I was baptized and received First Communion emailed me that they have the record for the baptism but not the First Communion. Does this mean that I have been sinning all these years because the sweet old priest in Vermont forgot to write the First Communion down in the church’s records? Did I sin when I was confirmed?

It’s a paperwork mix-up, nothing more, and certainly is not something that caused you to “sin.” You have record of baptism and confirmation. Just send a copy of those records to your diocese and ask the diocese for assistance in adding to your record notation of your First Communion.

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