What happens when the first Friday falls on Good Friday?


If a person is making the nine First Fridays, which consists of the reception of Holy Communion and Confession, and one of the First Fridays falls on Good Friday wnen there is no Mass, what then is the alternative. The Friday would not be consecutive. I thought that perhaps that particular Friday would not count and the next First Friday would be counted as being consecutive, even though it would not be consecutive. Alternatively perhaps a priest could give an already consecrated Host and confession could be made on one of the days before Good Friday. This is the second time I have not been able to have a “consecutive” Friday. Either the devil is hard at work or the Lord wants me to keep on making First Fridays. :slight_smile:



You can receive Holy Communion on Good Friday. There is no Mass, but there is Holy Communion. The purpose of the nine first Fridays is not about numbers; the point is for us to be more centered on the great love the Jesus has for us. This is what devotion to His Sacred Heart is all about. On Good Friday we give special attention to the greatest expression of His love that we know. Of all Fridays, this one matters the most. Of course it counts as a first Friday!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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