What Happens When the 'Moral Majority' Becomes a Minority?

At First Things, a journal of religion and public life, philosophy professor Phillip Cary asks whether now might be the time for evangelical Protestants to call a timeout for a while. “The evangelical team is playing defense, and they have a major theological weakness. They’ve adopted a version of the liberal Protestant turn to experience … This theology will hardly help them resist a culture that is all about celebrating the desires we find within us.” Cary teaches at Eastern University in Pennsylvania, where Shane Claiborne studied.
This call for societal withdrawal marks a new turn for American evangelical Christianity, which for several decades had been mostly aligned with the political right. Increasing support for gay marriage, the declining rates of marriage, and the rise of the “nones,” all seem to indicate waning evangelical influence on American culture. In the fight-or-flight response to feeling threatened, more and more Christians are taking (or at least talking about) the road out of Rome. They want to regroup, immerse themselves in communities that share their values, develop more robust theology, and emerge, in a sense, stronger than before.


Not meaning to be flip, but hasn’t it already - become a distinct minority?

^^Yeah, most people I know, even Christians, support same-sex marriage and most young people I know today cohabitate for awhile before getting married.
So not the Moral Majority at least in cases of sexual mores anymore.

‘Moral Majority’ is a confusing term.

Knowing ‘right from wrong’ and preaching / teaching ‘right’ should not lead one to conclude that the preacher / teacher is not a sinner.

What happens when those that are (more) aware of their sinfulness and need for God become a minority?

There is a higher probability of a ‘prodigal son’ moment, I suppose.

I don’t think regrouping / rebuilding an argument would be all that helpful. All the data and information is available, not sure what a change in verbiage would gain.

edit - I think this leads us quite nicely into that which we don’t want to do, but where we may need to look for the next move - It’s not about delivering words differently, or more perfectly, it’s about acting differently, radically but consistently different than our current lives, if we want God to work through us to touch those who might need to know God is, and He loves.

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It certainly seems to be in my opinion.


Well, if one takes the secular social liberals combined with the more conservative excuse-makers in America, that could be over 50% right there.

The silver lining in all this is that huge swaths of the DNC base disagree with the party elites on a myriad of issues.

I mean, Muslims, Orthodox Jews, Minority Christians are in many cases more opposed to gay “marriage” than white Christians.

And does anyone think they want God out of the Democratic platform? That didn’t go over so well in 2012…

It has been for a very long time. The rapid change in our society did not happen in a vacuum. Decades of turning away from God has resulted in this. Some people say we will be under judgement for it. I say we are under judgement. Romans 1.

The real question is, majority or not, how long can that really last? Those are all unstable elements, regardless of how they are packaged at universities, the mainstream liberal media or Millennials who don’t think it’s a big deal and share on social networking.

Just look at all the time and energy it takes to make gay “marriage” or even two college kids co-habitating look :cool: and “equal” with what comes to those in valid religious marriages so naturally.

I’m confused about your premise. I surely cannot tell who is married or not when entering a room of, let’s say, 100 couples of the same age. As far as civil marriage for gay couples, i don’t know one married couple who are straight that has had their own marriage destroyed because gay people are allowed to have a civil marriage. :shrug:

If we’re waiting for sinners to stop sinning so they can speak from the moral high ground, it’s not going to happen. We have the stain of sin on us and our nature is wounded. But, we have faith in God and live in His mercy so we shouldn’t stop trying to be like Christ even though we fall short. Don’t give in to the pressure of the world; continue to spread the Gospel even as the world picks up stones to hurl at you. :thumbsup:

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