What happens when you do not respond ideally

Does God become upset with us when…
a. become defensive or dismissive of correction

What is preventing us from responding ideally? Some people hold grudges for years over petty things. Why? For those who think more logically, it can be difficult to understand why some humans take things so personally, react so emotionally or defensively, or commit sins that ultimately hurt no one but themselves? I do not understand why people beat themselves up over mistakes in the past?
Some mistakes and blind-spots seem way worse than others. Some forms of evil should be attacked more seriously than others. A petty comment can be overlooked. Some people choose to brood. I think gossip is uglier than fornication. Who are you to put your nose is someone’s else business? Live your life and let others live theirs. I do not think the world is that miserable of a place. I think most people are good enough people. Why does God want us to go above and beyond?
To be fair, all the controversial church issues are not directly from the bible. Which is worse a teenager mother give birth to a child she cannot care for or give her baby up for an adoption - foster care is not beautiful and many are unwilling to adopt? Versus aborting the fetus altogether.
Honestly, I think you can get through life without God. If God is so harsh on sin, yet we are human, prone to imperfections, errors, blind-sports?

What are you talking about? There are so many people who want to adopt that they spend thousands to adopt from other countries!

Do you not think it is worse to kill an innocent human being?

Honestly, I think you can get through life without God. If God is so harsh on sin, yet we are human, prone to imperfections, errors, blind-sports?

God takes into account all that which is beyond our control when He judges us; however, He also considers what is within our control when He judges us. Am I innocently ignorant of something? God will not hold me accountable if my heart is going in the right direction. If I know something is wrong and I do it anyway, that is like a slap in the face to God my Creator!

When I consider what God has done for me, how can I turn my back on Him? When I consider all “errors, imperfection, and blind-spots,” how can I not ask Him to help me?

The perfection you seek will be found in heaven.
The way to get to heaven is to do be generous to the needy, do good works, pray for others, and stay close to the Lord in prayer and via the Sacraments.

You waste a lot of time asking why people do what they do.

What are you doing?

You’re ultimately responsible for your own soul.
If you really think you can “get along” without God, I will pray harder.

True, many people do not invite God into their lives.
they miss ALOT.
And the run the very real and high risk of offending God.

You post weekly about what about this what about that…
But I never hear you say what positive mark you are making in this world.

I hope you are involved in helping others, being the hands and feet of Christ praying for the many people who request and need our prayers, and also, praying for guidance of the Holy Spirit for yourself.

If you seek for mere humans and the world itself to be perfect and find universal answers to everything that is wrong, you’re going to always be dissatisfied and sorely disappointed.
in other words…it ain’t gonna happen. :wink:

Why do suppose Christianity has lasted this long?
Because it’s true, and it works my friend.

When you will finally accept it?

God bless you.
God must really want you close to Him.

Good observation Cratus.
Jesus showed us how to live by His example. He was unoffendable. I think He was insulted as bad or worse than anyone. The Pharasees said that His good works and miracles were of the devil. How offensive can you be? Yet Jesus was not offended. We get very offended when someone cuts us off in traffic. We blow the horn and give them the finger. Yet Jesus would bless them. He forgave those who crusified Him.
Could we try to be less offended? We would be much more blessed.



Nothing can exist without God. If we turn our back on Him, He is still there. Without Him we are nothing. We need Him and His friendship for our happiness. Don’t turn away.

I think all sin is a lack of faith. I think everyone lacks faith in different areas of their life. I think that is why people do not act ideally and other reasons. Well I guess I wonder why God allows certain things and promptly punishes others. I will never see into people’s lives and hearts ever. My argument is - is defined by how it affects us or solely by God? Is there an objective standard to see sin? I agree with following the Catholic Church. I do not think it is wrong to think critically or challenged. Because God says so - does not fly well with everyone.

So are you saying that all of these posts of yours are only hypothetical and merely designed to get us talking???

Man, I feel shafted.

I stand by my original premise. Get busy. Jesus is comin back.

Some posts are hypothetical and some posts are personal. My mind wonders too much

What’s so great about remaining blind and imperfect?

It seems like the ignorant can hurt others without getting hurt. They are not held accountable for their transgressions.

Who says they’re not?
Give God a chance, eh?
You want everyone to PAY right now?
Not going to happen.
Unrepentant people who hurt or harm other certainly will pay.

Just make sure YOU are not one of those people. Resist worrying about what others do, get your own life in order and you’ll be much happier and at peace with whatever the Lord brings your way.

True. I guess I am just bitter over someone being mean. I will let it go.

When you allow people to hurt you, they win and you’re worse off. Whatever it is let it go.
Onward…to better things.

How do you stop people from hurting you? Allowing yourself to be hurt?

Are you putting yourself in risky scenarios?
Are you naïve?
Do you believe you are not worth more than being walked over?
Do you stand for your rights when unjustly opposed?
Do you exhibit peace, but self-reliance in interpersonal situations?

Behave with an aspect of grace, and people will come to respect you. If we have a meltdown or show our hurt feelings on our sleeves, those who are nasty are gleefully dancing all over us.
You don’t have to be hard, but you do have to look out for yourself.

Without knowing your personality, it’s hard to give specifics.
But in general, mind the friends you keep, and guard your soul and your feelings.
Be warm, be open, but don’t be a doormat either.


Ok. Thanks.

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