What Happens When You have a Miscarriage


I had a miscarriage some years back. Heard from some sources that our little ones are up in heaven waiting for us and that we should give him/her a name and pray for them. Is this true? If yes, how do we go about it? Thanks.


My wife and I lost our third child through a miscarriage.

There is no official teaching that says that our little ones are in heaven. Since they are not baptized, we need to leave it up to the mercy of God to bring them into His kingdom. Personally, I pray to our daughter in my daily litany and I as little Julia Grace to pray for us.

Here is a link to an article that talks about a Catholic approach to a miscarriage.

In the article, they do suggest that you name your child, as we did ours. It is a very affirming step.

My prayers are with you.


Fermat "Prayer Warrior" - thank you so much for sharing.


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