What has God blessed you with today?

Well I have been blessed today in the fact that since I am retired I can take time during the day and listen to wonderful Catholic podcasts, homilies online and read wonderful Catholic information during the day.

I am blessed to know that our pastor was in another state speaking about NFP to priests and others. He was talking to them about NOT shying away from preaching about NFP from the pulpit and not shying away from bringing it up in marriage prep with couples.

I am blessed to be a devout practicing Roman Catholic who learns more each day about my Catholic Faith and that I NEVER want to stop learning about my Faith and in doing so knowing, loving and serving God.


What a great topic!

I am blessed to have a good friend, a best friend, with whom I can share my faith and prayers, who let me do my laundry at her house today, and who makes me laugh.

I am blessed to have a roof over my head and food to eat.

I am blessed to have an adoration chapel less than a mile away from my home where I can go anytime to be with our Lord.

I am blessed to have Catholic radio in my car and in my home so that I can learn more about my faith and be challenged to grow in my spiritual journey.

I am blessed in many ways today and every day. Thank you, @CajunJoy65, for making me reflect on this.


My husband is doing some needed internal maintenance on my computer,
whilst I slowly get through new threads on my verrrry slooow old computer.
I’m very thankful to him for his kind support.


Smiles from people I don’t know in the street today,friendly words from neighbors,cool spring weather and garden a riot.
Managed to light a candle at the church.
The old dog from up the road ran here to say hello.


I’m blessed that my spiritual practice is deepening due to crosses to bear, mountains to be moved, and beasts to be named. Each of these helps to strengthen the body, mind, and spirit.


My husband planned a waterfall hike to celebrate my birthday. I better get ready so I can be a blessing for him! :wink:


A bed for the night after a long search with no money… Storm has meant I cannot get home as the sea is in uproar. Bless the priest who heard of my situation and arranged a b and b, PLEASE GOD I can get home tomorrow as my critters need attention. Terrible storms we are having here in West Ireland. Please stop sending up your hurricanes! r


A great family
A great job
an opportunity to share my faith
Time to pray
So many ways that are so obvious, I can’t even think of them.


I was blessed today in that I got to spend a little time with my two-year-old grandson.
I woke up and lived another day despite my health outlook. Thank you God.
I found hope in a couple of answers I received, to a question that has been haunting me for four years.


I was blessed with having an 11 year old granddaughter of a friend here to spend the night with me who was happy to go to Goodwill and pick out a few things for fun.

She picked up a large, and I do mean Large Teddy Beat with a tie and called him Mr. Teddy as well as a long Nebraska Cornhusker sweatshirt, representing her new favorite football team.

The joy on her face playing with “Mr. Teddy” while dressed in her Nebraska Cornhusker sweatshirt made me smile for hours. She played gymnastics with Mr Teddy and due his height was able to do many tricks with her assistance, (handstands, cartwheels, flips etc) watched some of a football game together, got snacks together etc. My children are in college so this was so special to me.

Daily I am blessed with adequate shelter, food, a car that works, a job in an elementary school and the list goes on and on.
Thanks for starting such a positive thread, OP and God bless.


I was blessed with going to mass with my youngest son.
Warm weather,garden growing rapidly
Good conversation with people on cf
Family members phone calls and messages

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Oh mighty blessing! I am in the old school on the island that serves as a community centre and has free wifi ( still without electicity at the dwelling…) Also thus needed to recharge the phone… Spent ages trying to get the wifi to work then something must have got through so here I am… Learning patience the looooooooooong way … Dog at my feet; she has so much energy these days but has finally dropped… long walk and such pretty weather…


Today, our Pastor said a 1:30 Healing Mass where all who wished received the Sacrament of the Sick. He does that twice a year and today was one of them. Absolute highlight of the day, to be anointed in the same manner the apostles did that almost two thousand years ago.


Blessed to have a strong body, mind and spirit to be able to enjoy each day as a struggle with lung cancer that had moved to the brain is being taken care or with modern medicines, blessings, prayers, and so much support from family and friends. Truly Blessed.


Prayers goin out your way. God Bless.

Hello @Rosebud77! I’ve missed you and all my CA friends. Hope you are doing well.

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All the CAFers who have helped me over the YEARS!! Thus, that I found my way back to CAF, for one thing of a gazillion others. Now if I can just configure the new site…yikes!


It’s nice to see you both, @Little_Mary, and @cheezey. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I feel peace tonight. Comfort and peace.


Driving my parents around town ,good friends :slight_smile:

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