What has happened to our country?


This is so sad. This is an excerpt from the article…

“The popular culture is increasingly oriented to fulfilling the X-rated fantasies and desires of adults,” she wrote in a recent report. “Child-rearing values — sacrifice, stability, dependability, maturity — seem stale and musty by comparison.”

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I wonder what everyone sees as the turning point for this decaying of morals in America. The “sexual revolution”, Roe vs. Wade, contraception??



I read that----it does make you worry. It also made me think about how the longer young married couples are childless, we do let “selfishness” creep into our daily lives. Since Matt and I don’t have any living children running around, the biggest thing we fight about IS chores! I guess children ground you and help you give more, but the longer you go without that extra responsibility, the more it seems optional.
So sad…


The problem is a 30 year campaign to destroy the true meaning of marriage and male/female relationships. Also, some of the current generation and the Baby Boom generation has decided they will no longer endure sound doctrine.

  1. Introduction of The Pill, for birth control.
  2. Hippies, Radicals and Anarchists advocate “Free Love” which means sex with anyone with or without marriage, and the promotion of living together without marriage.
  3. Abortion made legal. Sex education is made mandatory in Catholic schools.
  4. The National Organization of Women warns women that they are being “oppressed” by the men in their lives. Adult bookstores proliferate. No-Fault Divorce is moving east from California.
    1980s. Porn in hotels and motels and on cable. No-Fault Divorce completes its move across the country.
    1990s. It is no longer possible to tell Christians fron non-Christians. The sons and daughters of the Hippies, Radicals and Anarchists are adults and take up the lifestyle. Jay and Silent Bob are two sex obsessed, profanity spewing drug dealers that attempt to achieve cult icon status. Aging Baby Boomers decide to 'eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you die." Parents decide to stop raising their kids and leave that to Day Care, TV, books, and “experts.” Kids openly push mom and dad around and some adopt a ‘slacker’ lifestyle where mom and dad feel restrained from interfering with due to years of propaganda from ‘experts.’

The present. The less we model Christ in our lives, the more we model the behavior of the world. Divorce, which began as a use in case of emergencies only, has become No-Fault Divorce. Abortion, which began as use in case of emergencies only, has become Abortion On Demand. Shacking Up has gone from a bad thing to “What are you gonna tell the kids nowadays?” Aren’t you their mother and father? When did it turn into a split between parents and children where the moment they turn 18 they can do whatever they want, even if you know it’s wrong and bad for them?

Wake up. Model Jesus Christ and not the world. Do you have to go to the Mall every weekend? Do you need all those new gadgets? Where are you with your relationship to Jesus Christ? Do you only visit Him on Sunday? Do you think about HIM while you’re in Church or about going home and the things you want to do later?

Jesus said, “If you love me keep my commandments.”

God bless,


The Great Society, Contraception and abortion. All helped limit personal responsibility.


Our country is mired in selfishness. The other posters were right about the Great Society, but especially contraception, abortion, and also instant gratification are to blame. We are no longer a nation that expects to sacrifice for anything.
I fear for our country’s future.


Only because individual Christians let it. No need to follow any of it. You can start being responsible again today.

God bless,


I think this country started going downhill when Madeline Murray O’Hare started her campaign to get God out of our schools. When I was in public junior high school (in the 50’s) we said and sang the Lord’s Prayer. We even said other prayers. Today that’s not permitted. We have been going downhill ever since. Roe v. Wade just continued our downward spiral.


This may make me unpopular but I also see a connection between “liberal” priests and the decline of our morality. Maybe it’s just me but growing up in the late 70’s as a teenager I can remember a young priest telling me and my fellow CCD’ers some dirty jokes. That had to be wrong?!?!

I may also be jaded because the priest who married me and baptized my daughter was found guilty of pedophilia. It wasn’t just an accusation, he admitted it and left the priesthood. That was hard to adjust to.

Those are just some of my feelings.


The country has faced many serious problems in its history, going back to the War for Independence, slavery, wars against the Indians, robber barons, the Depression…

It can be summed up as selfishness. Instant self-gratification coupled with the erosion of organized religion - mainline Protestantism is dying - and the desire that “government should take care of it” leads us to where we are.


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