What has happened to pro-life Catholic parents?


I went to get a haircut the other day with an acquaintance who is a hairdresser. Since she knows I came back full force to the Church after an on and off episode, she asked what the Church really taught about abortion. I was surprised she asked this, but I told her that the minute the sperm meets the egg, the Church sees that embryo as a human being and that aborting would be murder.

So, she then went on asking if God would forgive a girl who aborts. I said, “If she truly repents, then yes”. So, she went on to tell me this Catholic Mexican girl she knew, a 16 yr old girl, had had sex with her b/f and got pregnant. That she aborted and was basically going crazy because of what she had done to that baby. She said this poor girl went to a Mexican priest to confess, and said he just kicked her out of the confessional and told her not to come back to Church. :eek: The truth is, I believe he did do this since he comes from a very small ranch town from Mexico. He’s a new priest at my old parish (where I’m a catechist). So, my acquaintance told the girl to go to the Pastor, Fr. Mike, whom is a very loving and compassionate priest, but he is a very strict and sticks to all the rules of the CC. So, the girl went to speak to Fr. Mike and he only had about 15 minutes to spare and told her that, but I guess with the gravity of the matter, he was talking to this girl for over an hour. My acquaintance was waiting in the car for the girl the entire time.

So, the priest told her what was done is done, but that she is forgiven since it’s obvious she truly repents. Then my acquaintance then said the girl didn’t want to abort. That her parents forced her to abort. :eek: :mad: Her “devout” Catholic parents forced her to kill her baby. They took her to PP and scheduled the abortion. They didn’t want the shame of a baby born out of wedlock to be brought upon this family, and they didn’t want their 16 yr old to stop going to school for this.

Instead of speaking to a priest about what to do if they wouldn’t want to keep the baby, they resorted to the lowest place on earth (which ironically happens to be across the street from this parish). Instead of taking her to birthright they took her to murder town.

How can a Catholic parent make a child of their own, do this to her own kid???

What’s worse is that even though this girl went thru this very traumatic episode in her life, she hasn’t stopped having relations w/her b/f. My acquaitnace said the girl’s b/f doesn’t want to use a condom and that the girl is now on the pill.

Of course, I told her the pill is just another form of abortion and that this girl shouldn’t be taking that and shouldn’t even be doing what is only supposed to be for married couples. I asked her to please tell her she’s still aborting but just in a different way.

I’m so sad kids don’t take things seriously. Even though the abortion at PP wasn’t her choice, she’s choosing to take the pill, and is aborting because of her own stupidity and selfishness. When are some of these so called Catholic parents going to step up? How can people call themselves Catholic, and encourage this type of behavior??? Being Catholic means 100% pro-life, 100% against ABC, 100% against fornication, 100% pro-chasity!!!


It’s a sad state that our world is in, when a precious life is seen as an “inconvenience” and is disposable, like yesterday’s leftovers. These parents will answer on judgement day, and it will not be pretty :nope:


I have heard of such a situation myself and it’s very sad for all involved. But, I also know of several situations in the recent past where some good Catholic parents stepped up and helped their children through the unplanned pregnancy, to give birth and to either keep the baby or give it up for adoption. It’s all about teaching our children to be responsible for their decisions and to live with the consequences or they will never learn anything valuable. When those “Catholic parents” forced their daughter to abort their grandchild, they were only looking out for their own interests. Very sad. So the girl has now been taught that she can do anything she wants with her boyfriend and there are no consequences. Unfortunately, she will have to deal with the guilt someday and probably already is. Her parents will, too. I try to learn from observing such situations and get an idea of how to handle things if I’m faced with something similar. You never know what’s around the corner in life.


My acquaitnace said the girl’s b/f doesn’t want to use a condom and that the girl is now on the pill.

I wanted to clarify something so people don’t take it the wrong way. I’m not saying it’s better to use a condom than taking the pill. I was just saying that the b/f is being as selfish as the girl and the girl is still aborting even though she can’t physically see it or emotionally feel it.


That is so sad.:frowning:

I had an ‘aquaintance’ as well, who’s so called ‘devout catholic parents’ forced her to have an abortion when she was in high school.:mad: They were ashamed of her, and wanted her to finish high school and attend college. She continued to sleep around – and her parents put her on the pill to make sure she wouldn’t get pregant again.

She is currently a chemical engineer (30 yrs old), and what’s sad is that she has absoloutely NO regrets about the abortion. She had a daughter 3 years ago, and is currently pregnant and due next month with another daughter. Both daughters were conceived while on BC pills (she swore up and down she would NEVER have children), and she was the least bit thrilled to find out she was pregnant with either of them. I’m just glad she didn’t abort the last 2…she did consider it though. :frowning:


Actually, I have a friend who at 19 had already had 3 abortions and now has 2 children - she’s 22. About a month and half after ther 3rd abortion she got pregnant again. You want to know what she said when she got pregnant the 4th time? " Well, I guess God wants me to have a child, otherwise, I wouldn’t be getting pregnant so often" :mad: She’s not Catholic but she’s Christian and lives with her babies’ dad, they not married. I don’t know if she regrets aborting them, but at least she stopped doing that…

Anyway, I don’t want to derail the thread…


When I was in high school in the mid 70’s (1974) my good girlfriend became pregnant by her boyfriend- few knew about it besides me. Her parents were practicing Catholics-(we were Lutheran and I don’t remember abortion being talked about much one way or the other in my denom. but I was young and wasn’t paying as much attention to issues as I do now) But her parents found out and took her to have an abortion. Their reasoning was that the pregnancy would ruin her life and reputaion- and she didn’t have to go through with it with this now “legal” procedure.
They felt that giving up the child would be to heartrending- and keeping him./her would ruin her chances at a finishing high school, going on to college and finding a good husband later on.
So it was carried out. She later married and had kids. She has shown what I would call some post-abortive syndrome behaviors(suffered anorexia for years) but she doesn’t feel the abortion was wrong in retrospect, so I tread gingerly on the subject with her. It’s a touchy subject with her.


My dh’s parents forced his sister to get an abortion too… even though they are Lutheran, their church is pro-life too.

Seriously… I know this is very sad, but there are very many kids that are paying attention to chastity programs and are fighting against abortion. Here is my dd and her class at the March for Life last January. I went too, it was wonderful to see so many pro-life kids!
http://photos-d.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-sctm/v65/37/90/500016964/s500016964_16907_2302.jpg http://photos-d.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-sctm/v65/37/90/500016964/s500016964_16915_4606.jpg


There is evidence out there that many, if not most, abortions among teenage girls are actually at least coerced, if not outright forced. Some by parents, as has been discussed, and some by much older boyfriends who don’t feel like going to jail for statutory rape.

I know if one of my daughters came to me pregnant at 15 or 16, I would be devastated. But I would NEVER tell them to kill my grandchild, and if they tried, I would do my best to stop them. No, it would not be ideal or even a good situation. But we would do our best. No babies are going to be killed in my family if I can help it! My oldest is 9 and shocked and horrified by the idea of abortion. She can’t believe anyone would actually kill an innocent baby. I don’t know if that is partly because of how sad my children were last year when I miscarried and had to tell them our baby died inside me. I remember her being upset by the idea of abortion before that too.

I have already told my oldest, and will tell my others when the time is right, that if she ever does make the mistake of getting pregnant as a teenager, to please come to us. I told her I can’t and won’t promise anything so stupid as that we wouldn’t get angry or be disappointed, but that we would love any baby of hers and we would figure out what to do as a family.

So there are some Catholic parents out here holding the pro-life line. I would rather have to deal with some shame and difficulty for our family than be responsible for the death of an innocent human being, and possibly my own child’s soul. The pain and regret of abortion can and does destroy the lives of some women. How could I answer for THAT on judgement day?


I would never have the heart to do something like that. I’ve always been pro-life and have thought to myself “how can people do this to an innocent baby?”. The bad thing about this world, including this country is that it’s just a common practice and people don’t view this as wrong.

This girl did feel horrible and it’s eating her up inside, but she didn’t learn anything out of it. As soon as I found out the pill was abortive (and all the other forms of ABC), I couldn’t believe I had been doing that. But this poor girl doesn’t see it that way.

That is why I will make sure my future kids will respect life and chasity but if they or their g/f’s ended up pregnant, they will know I’d be there for them and I would try my best to help raise the child.

I was raised this way and I will raise my children this way. That’s why I cannot believe people have the heart to abort. In collge, I took a female humanities class and it ended up being a feminist class that supported abortion. Of course, I made a presentation against abortion… all those women looked at me like they wanted to kill me for saying a woman didn’t have the right to kill a baby. They complained I made that presentation and said their bodies were theirs and no one elses and they would encourage any woman to decide what to do in the event of an unplanned pregnancy. My response was a Catholic one: God has the right to decide what’s good and bad, and aborting is terminating a life, a fetus is a life, an embryo is a life, no matter how far along in the pregnancy, it’s a baby you’re killing… so they just decided to let me be and think the way I did. :shrug: And I’m glad I did that presentation. Maybe it helped at least one of those women to think about a baby the way we Catholics do.


My two best friends in h.s., both Catholics, had abortions before graduating. One was coerced by her boyfriend~ one who went to daily Mass! The other was coerced by her parents. It just sickened me.

My boys know all the rules, but they also know if they are ever in trouble, ever!!!~ Bring it to us, and we will help raise any babies that need us.


When a bear is trapped, it will gnaw off its paw to set itself free.

That is what women will do when they feel that desperate. In addition to already living in this self-justified state of sin, women can not think clearly about what is right or wrong. They know down deep inside it is wrong, but the utter fear and desperation that they feel clouds their judgement. There is no reasoning with most of them in this state of denial. Hard to understand, but it is true.

The problem is solved, but only temporarily. Then reality sets in. Some women shove it down and bury it under layers and layers of guilt. They appear almost normal. Some will appear cold. Some will have nightmares. Some will become anorexic. ALL will be post- traumatic, which comes in different forms. And hence, the “problem” actually lasts a lifetime.

And don’t forget the men who play a major roll in this as well.

And the parents who you talked about in the beginning of this thread… I suspect that their own self-justification and self-interpretation leads them to such a state that they would take part in this abortion as well. I truly believe that they will suffer, in many ways, post -traumatic stress.

Now, the most important thing is to ask God for foregiveness. We need to pray for these women, men, parents, who take this rode in life. They have no grace in their souls at the moment. Can you imagine? We need to pray for them that they will turn to God, and repent. They need the grace restored.

We can pray and plant seeds. Who knows how quickly the seeds will grow, or even if they take root for that matter. We have a tough battle ahead of us with the decay of our society.

I do not recall which Pope in the late 60’s it was that said with the use of contraception, our society with start to spiral down in a terrible state of moral decay. Sure enough, the rates of divorce, infedility, premarital sex, pornography usage, artificial means of conception have all gone up. Now we even have gender selection as well as legalization of abortion.

You have to start in your own homes. I have three daughters. We are absolutely disgusted with 75% of what we see on t.v. The other “good” 25% is not enough to keep cable on in our house. We diconnected it and haven’t missed to much. There is Netflix nowadays where you can rent whatever you miss on t.v.

I recommend an awesome book for daddies out there. It is titled Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters. A very interesting and scary (based on facts and statistics). It is for the daddies who want to really be there daughter’s first true love and hero.

Please pray for all of the women and men out there who have gone through an abortion.



Yup, I’ve heard allegedly strong Catholic parents talk about pregnant teens saying, “Why didn’t she just get an abortion? She’s disgraced the family.” Somehow the word “Pharisee” comes to mind.


Ohhh! Ahhh! Noo! Please! Though I’m thouroghly displeased (for fear of my real feelings being censored) and what the parents and girl and guy did and are doing, I’d still rather think that the baby went straight to God and the he will forgive all the murderers. Its just not a pleasant thought for me, for ANYONE to go to hell. I’m sure the baby doesn’t care what happens now, him being up in heaven. I hope God forgives them. I hope they repent and change, cause I’m a murderer too. I hated, and lusted, and was uncompassionate, so I’m just as guilty as EVERYONE involved, and will likely suffer the SAME exact, excruciating punishment, for all eternity.

Which is why I request you to please not curse them. Everytime you do, you move me (a person worse than them) further up of the cue for damnation.

We had better all pray that God is as merciful and “slow-to-anger” as His book says.


I don’t think the poster was implying that these people will be damned to hell by having to answer on judgement day.

Everybody will have to “answer” for what they’ve done in this life, especially something like abortion. That’s what purgatory is for. Hopefully, we all pray these people will repent and be saved. But they will still have to answer to God for it.


Oh good. I was worried. Still, gotta be an awkward moment.


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