What has kept Rome from saying the EF all these years?

Im curious because Benedict XVI was a very good advocate for the Latin Mass. Even after his Motu Proprio in 2007 The Latin mass was never said once by the Pope in public. Anyone have any opinions as to why?

I can’t presume the intentions of the Pope, and neither should anyone here. My opinions don’t really matter as far as that goes.



Not true, I’m sure he’s said the Mass in Latin more than once. In the Ordinary Form. The ordinary language for the OF Mass happens to be Latin, and I’ve been to more than one OF Mass in Latin.

It’s a pet peeve of mine: I’m a stickler for precise language. « Latin Mass » can apply to both forms of the Mass.

As to why Pope Emeritus Benedict did not celebrate the EF, you’d have to ask him. It’s entirely his choice.


This is very true. I was in Rome during the reign of Pope Benedict over Holy Week one year. I attended several Masses including a few papal ones…I seem to recall that pretty much every Mass I attended, including the papal ones, were almost entirely in Latin - except the readings / homily which were in Italian.

Not quite sure if I understand. Do you mean why hasn’t it replaced the OF?

No my question was one out of curiosity where I was just wondering why since Summorum Pontificum in 2007 has the extraordinary form not been celebrated at least ONCE with the public by the Pope. Surely there are no obstacles and since Benedict was such a renowned proponent of the Extraordinary Form of the liturgy it just always perplexed me why he never chose to celebrate it publicly during his pontificate.

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And there’s no way to know short of reading his writings (which don’t speak to his motives on this point) or to ask him personally. To engage in idle speculation isn’t charitable or helpful.

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