What has provoked muslim violence?

I wish to know why muslims are willing to blow them selves up and
innocent people?

What provoked these actions?
What exactly did christians do to provoke all the violence?

What exactly did jews do?

What is realy going on in these countries?

Hear it from a terrorist’s own mouth:

It is the basic tenet of their faith, conquer and convert the entire world-- put everyone under the submission of Islam-- and violence is a meritorious way to make this happen.

In my opinion, it seems to be more of a reaction to our own culture.

Muslims feel disgusted with democracy and “freedom” because of things like homosexuality, abortion, atheism, and the resurgence of paganism. Combine this with the hell (colonialism, both World Wars, the Gulf Wars, the founding of Israel) that the West has put many Islamic countries through, and throw in some ridicule towards their culture and it is no wonder why they all want to kill us. I myself am not too keen on the “greatness” of dumbocracy and “freedom”. :mad: I yearn for the resurgence of Catholic culture in the world, and the end to many of the Protestant faiths.

However, I also know that this is just some wild dream of mine, especially since Catholicism has been so castrated by democracy, the Priesthood of All Believers, communism, capitalism, sexual freedom, and secularism. It depresses me to no end. :o

I can only hope that the Muslims hold out for just a bit longer and preserve what they have left. With the West’s constant assaults into the Middle-East, it is a great wonder how they have lasted this long.

i hope if you were more specific in your questions
i means not to generalize the hate of muslims to christians or jews because we don’t hate them , it will be more resonable if you said why we hate israil and why we hate america or whatever the place of conflicts you wanna to talking about
hence we can construct the discussion correctly :slight_smile:

I would like to know why Muslims are blowing each up? :shrug:

I find it odd that you ASSUME it is provoked.

It is our nature for human beings to believe the other is bad. That is the only “provocation” that is needed – that we are the other. As Jonathan Swift satirized in Gulliver’s Travels, if we weren’t fighting about religion, ethnicity, or the color of skin, we would fight about what end of the egg we crack open.

They are Muslims and we are not. It really is that simple.

I wonder that same thing myself.

My answer to the OP’s question was going to be, “Hate.”

Hate is what “causes” violence.

:thumbsup: Thanks for confirming my responce, because I thought for sure that Muslims would deny that fact and claim that the violence is justified.

a simple word: Jihad

Brigette Gabriel, a Maronite from Lebanon and founder of AmericanCongressforTruth.com wrote a book on this very subject: BECAUSE THEY HATE.

I can’t agree–Muslim history is mostly a story of violence against everyone, including each other; we’re latecomers to the party.

I disagree, everyone’s history has been violent. Us Christians have committed our own fair share of atrocities, as have the Jews, the Hindus, the Buddhists, the Atheists, the Pagans, etc. They are as violent as any group in this world, so I think it is unfair to label them as any more violent than our own democratic partisans, communist rebels, or anyone else who thinks killing is going to make everything better.

I think what disturbs most people is the fact that the Muslims will fight over religion instead of some less worthy cause like freedom, money, pride, or rage. I myself would prefer that people would fight over faith if they had to fight over something in the first place.

Because upon the death of Mohammed, Islam fell into multiple schisms over who would be the successor and how the successor should be selected-- election or heredity. In the following centuries, several other schisms/heresies within Islam developed.

They fight each other for political and religions reasons: Shiite, Sunni, Wahhabi, Sufi, Ishmailis, and Bah’is.

I just want to correct you on a point, the Baha’i are not Muslims. They believe in the God of Abraham like us Christians, Jews, and Muslims, but they believe God keeps sending prophets to us, whereas the Muslims believe that Muhammad was the Last Prophet. The Baha’i are also more inclusive of other faiths as opposed to more traditional Abrahamic faiths.

Jean Kirkpatrick delivered a speech about you while in the UN. You should look it up.

Send me a link.

They are a schism/heresy of the Muslim faith. Baha claimed to be the Messiah promised by Islam, they practice the Muslim principles when it comes to the pillars and pilgrimage to Mecca. Yes, it is a syncretist religion that incorporates aspects of many religions. It’s origin is as a heresy of Islam in Iran.

I included them in my list because the question was why are they violent towards one another-- and within Islam they are considered a heresy and they have been the target of violence, execution, etc.

Wait a minute…are you actually *endorsing *jihad? Are you saying that there’s something *admirable *in Islamic violence?

Because all I see is a “religion” (really a political system masquerading as religion) so intellectually weak and so morally perverse that it has to either terrorize people or exterminate them; hardly principles that any Catholic (or decent human of any faith) could support.

I don’t endorse Jihad if you must know. I think that killing others for any reason is perverse and despicable. However, if people really feel the need to kill each other (which they should not), they should do it in the name of faith instead of money, democracy, or some such other nonsense.

As for Islam being intellectually weak, and morally perverse… I have a very devoted Muslim friend who holds onto his morals stronger than most Christians I know, and I think he would be exceptionally offended to know how you view his faith. He shares the same views that most Abrahamic faiths (with the exclusion of a few Protestant sects that support abortion) have.

Islam is as intellectual as any form of Christianity. I think you say that Islam is non-intellectual because you have probably never read a copy of the Qu’ran, nor have you spoken with an actual Muslim.

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