What have been the contributions of Zoroastrianism on the Abrahamic religions

It doesn’t have the commonly reoccuring metaphysical and phenomological “twangs”/elements of those called “Eastern religions”,not a “pagan” religion b/c imo it’s unique dualism with a one universal god (Ahura Mazda) in the whole system excludes it from that classification but I had an influence on Abrahamic religions.

At some point it prob.intersected with ancient Judaism,I’ve heard that the Zoroastrianism is somehow linked with the Biblical Magi,it influenced the old Gnostic sects and I wouldn’t be surprised if it influenced on Sufism and Shia Islam in Iran.

Judaism is has it’s importance to us as a precursor to Christianity in a way.What about the other nearby religion of that Christianity’s early development years,Zoroastrianism?.

I answered a very similar post recently, so let me use my previous response:

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*Ducks lay eggs, have webbed feet, and have bills.
Platypi have bills, webbed feet, EVEN LAY EGGS! :smiley:
Why they both even live in watery environments.

That doesn’t mean they’re the same or had influence on each other.

Plus[size=3]:[/size]* I don’t think Zoroastrianism is monotheistic, as I’m pretty sure that Ahura Mazda
and Angra Mainyu (also called Arhiman) are both coeternal beings, one a god of good,
the other a god of evil.
I have also heard vaguely that Angra Mainyu
was created, but I only heard of this recently.

So are there similarities, YES[size=3].
[size=3]Did [/size][/size][size=3][size=3][FONT=Times New Roman][size=3]Zoroastrianism have any influence
[size=3]over Judaism, Chr[size=3]istianity, &/or Islam? N[size=3]O.

[/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/FONT][RIGHT]Zoroastrianism did, [size=3]however[/size],
influence the Yezidi and the [size=3][size=3]
Gnostic [/size][/size]Manicheans, just
a side note.


Even by a literal approach to Genesis, man worshiped for the first 2500 years of history purely by tradition and experience without a single scripture that we have today. After Noah and after Babel the dispersed groups all worshiped God in one degree or another, to which various confusions and permutations were accumulated. To start with they all worshiped the way Noah did, and the way his kids did, and then in the confusion of Babel the practices spread and changed a lot.

Its pretty obvious there would be a lot of similarity and overlap in the various groups before Abraham was called. To me it doesn’t mean one grew from another in a lineage so much as existed in parallel with lots of overlap.

Realize thats not speaking precisely to your question …

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