What have you done to educate yourself?

As I have been on these forums and spoken to people around me I have been rather shocked at the information vacuum in a world that is full of information including the World Wide Web. I think some information is too easy to obtain - while some information is harder to read but easy to obtain. I think much of our population tends to get its catechesis in soundbytes and classes instead of research into encyclicals and real reading. So I wanted to throw this poll out there and see how people get their information.

Personally, I recently donated to Catholic Answers in order to receive an autographed copy of Jimmy Akin’s The Fathers Know Best: Your Essential Guide to the Teachings of the Early Church. I would like to recommend this piece of reading to every Catholic, and every Christian, for that matter. It really is a very nice piece of writing that backs up Catholic teaching with writings from the Church Fathers (some of the first men to ever write anything about Christianity).

Well I am trying, after a stint of 40 years in the desert, to learn more about my childhood faith, so I am here, I read the Bible, I read some of the Catechism, and I have a few books so far. I’ve already learned a tremendous amount just from CAF, thanks to everyone who posts here! I never realized that missing Mass without a very good reason is considered a mortal sin. And, I never knew that the days of obligation are different from the UK to the US, which explains why my husband always says “That’s not a day of obligation” since he grew up in England. I have no idea because we quit going to church when I was 10. Now I know, that we have an obligation here in the US, and I won’t make that mistake again.


Given that I teach theology to adults, I get most of my information from research, utilizing scripture, documents, patristic and saints writings, and keeping up with anything new that comes from the Vatican. I have three advanced degrees so I learned a lot through formal study and research.

In working with adults for so long, I have found that many are not educated in the basics of the faith so I often have to start from the beginning. Many do not know where to find accurate information and simply rely on the internet to find out their faith, which many times leads them astray. I find these forums to be OK, but all too often posters give the wrong information based on their own opinion or on something they read.

That is exactly my point. I also find that when many say -the Pope says this - they have not actually read the document in question which is why I threw that particular book in there.

I have done a few things, I have in the past attended adult formation classes but they are usually very basic at my parish, so I usually dont gain much from them but keeping brushed up on basics is always good.

Most of my learning comes of course from reading the bible (espically the new and amazing Ignatious Catholic Study Bible NT) and other Catholic books (Cathechism, Devotional works, insturctional works, history books etc…)

I love EWTN but dont have it still i log online once in awhile to watch a show or to, I know for sure that when I move again I will not consider a cabel company or plan that does not include EWTN.

I am very lucky at my parish - most of our adult formation classes are taught by people who either have advanced degrees or seeking advanced degrees. Or they are taught by the priests or brothers. It is too bad that these things are not done at other parishes. If they are not done - why is it that we do not ask for our parish priest to push for these things?

Also family (Mom) and friends are really a great help!

We are lucky that in the parish where I work there are 10 of us that I know of, not counting the priests, who have advanced degrees in theology. We all take turns doing a really basic 40 minute course weekly while the kids are in CCD. We also offer several 5 week classes during the year and various lectures and workshops. The sad thing is that it is the same people who take these classes. The ones who really need it are not coming. I write a column in the bulletin with the “question of the week” and have been writing an ongoing catechesis on the mass. That helps a bit. I am looking in to using the parish web site but our webmaster is giving me a hard time in getting it started.

I’ve found myself defending the Catholic faith from the CCD teachers that were teaching heresy and definite misinformation on subjects like the Crusades, Inquisition, and the Church’s position on evangelization of the Jews. It got so bad, even though I was very polite about it, that the DRE lied to our pastor and painted me as hostile and confrontational. Then after my wife called the pastor and elaborated about what really happened my pastor apologized to me for calling me a bully, when all I wanted to do was visit my son’s class as an observer and inquire where the young couple teachers were getting their information. It seems that if you are not a cradle Catholic and haven’t graduated from a “Catholic College” you don’t know what you’re talking about. But Ive been studying scripture since I was 14 years old. That’s 35 years of scripture tacked on top of learning church teaching from heretics and well intending people that mistaught me, resulting in me “realizing” the Catholic Church was a lie. It took another 17 years to figure out that I was taught wrong and that the Church does in fact support only the official teaching and NOT the heretical information previously taught to me and my generation.

I now do not trust any priest unless he’s consistently proven himself to be orthodox. I just obey and pray that the feeling of grudge disappears over time. It ruined my life and my vocation in the seminary when I felt God calling me. I’ve been told I’ll never stop feeling the call. But I sure work hard at ignoring it now, full-time husband to a wonderful, but slightly mentally ill spouse - my cross and my joy.

Do you really that less than half the people on here that are discussing opinions of the Magisterium have actually read things like encycylicals, homilies, etc. So how do you discuss opinions of the Magisterium without knowing the opinions of the Magisterium?

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And I understand that Liza but there is a big difference between getting someone else’s interpretation of something which can be chopped up, misquoted, or mistinterpreted (not saying this is the case with yours just giving examples) and taking the time to read the actual papal documents in one’s first language. The difference is one may not be as entertaining. I wonder how many on here have discussed the Pope’s latest comments in his book by what they have heard he said or read he said - but not actually the read book when only 4% have actually read the book. The book was only slightly over 100 pages and read as a question and answer session interview - why would one discuss or argue something they simply have not read?

I raided my Priest’s library last week and found some great books on the Blessed Mother and mystical writings of Saints. :thumbsup:

Except for seeking an advance degree and reading the Light of the World (on my reading list for this coming year), I have used the other options in the poll as much as my family obligations and schedule allows.

I also regularly consult my spiritual director, I don’t think that was an option.


But this line of thinking is the kind of thing that leads souls to hell. You seem to have a feeling that all opinions are the same. It also does not consider the actual wording used in these materials. This is how the new Catholicism was born in the 60’s. It is not true Catholic teaching, but rather hijacked ideas from other heretical and apostate teachings. There is such a thing as objective truth you know.:shrug:

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I strongly recommend saying the rosary and praying the Liturgy of the Hours, Divine Office, as well.

Not everyone has the ability to read and comprehend difficult documents. Not everyone has the time to sit down and study deep theological topics. Are you at all familiar with the Premium Content on RealCatholicTV? Or are you just guessing? The ONLY program on the entire site that is an opinion piece is The Vortex. Every other show is a teaching program, not teaching opinion, but teaching the Truth of the Catholic Church, 100% in line with the Magesterium. RealCatholicTV, and other sites like it such as Catholic Answers, is a wealth of information for Catholics trying to learn more about their Faith and live more holy lives. Knocking it as a legitimate option simply because it appears on a screen in a presented (an possibly entertaining - :eek:) format is entirely dismissing a wealth of excellent information.


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