What holds and/or unites family together?


I was wondering is it being an active/practicing Catholic that makes the famiy unit together and strong??? And secularism tears families apart, right??? I’m single and never have been married. But if I do get married-if that’s my vocation, I’ll still go to Mass every week and take my family and we’ll be involved in activities in the Parish too and all of that. And we’ll say our prayers at home too.

So what do you all think???


Practicing faith together can certainly make a HUGE difference. :) It has for us. :thumbsup:

Besides faith what has helped keep us together? Well, our situation is EXTREMELY different from the "norm". What actually helps keep us together, besides our shared Christian faith, is my illnesses. It has definitely tested for better or worse through and through. :o But we have both grown so much through the endless doctors, specialists, therapists, tests, hospital stays, surgeries, emergency room visits, a near death experience, not only personal growth but as a couple. We go through now, in the beginning of our marriage what many couples will not have to experience until their senior years, if ever. For some couples it breaks them apart, for us it's bonded us closer together than ever. My husband is NOT the man I dated. Due to having to constantly care for me these past years, he has completely changed from the inside out. He has become saintly. I could have never dreamed to date, let alone marry such a man. I often am in total shock that I GET to be married to him. :love: So, yes, our situation is definitely not the norm, but it's what has made us inseparable and madly, totally in love. :heart:



Love in action. Forgiveness. Fun. Love and care. If you pray and go to mass but have no love you are a "clanging gong" all noise.

Love is patient, love is kind, it is not arrogant or rude. It is not resentful not boastful, nor jealous but rejoices in the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, endures whatever comes.

:):):):):) :heart::heart:


Figure skating. :thumbsup:

We’re on the fourth generation of skaters now, since we have our nephew enrolled in Learn to Skate classes.

Seriously, I agree about love–not just a feeling, but a commitment–and I certainly agree that an active, vital faith keeps a family together, but it’s also nice to have something that the entire family is wild about.


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