What Homeschool program do you use?


Hi everyone, I'm a homeschooler and I'll be graduating from Seton Home Study School this June. My Mom and I have discussed my high school curriculum and have decided that we would not use Seton for my brother when he reaches high school level. We had several problems with the work load and the books used in American and World History.

Does anyone here have any suggestions about a good Catholic school. We're not interested in a classical curriculum because none of us are familiar with that kind of curriculum. We're looking into Our Lady of the Rosary School; if you have been enrolled in their school would you recommend them? Any advice would be appreciated. :)


You might consider Mother of Divine Grace homeschool- I have not used their high school program but I really like what I see, and it is a classical curriculum.


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Remember Seton is accredited. Many state colleges make things hard for HS’ers as well as some private ones. You don’t want to have your brother need to take a GED. Its just unnecessary for someone who’s completed MORE than enough work for an HS diploma to take it.

I’d look at accredited schools as a requirement over any catholic or christian requirements.

ps. Seton is what you put your mind to. I finished 10-12 grades in 14 months. That’s 14 months TOTAL, not each. If you don’t believe me as Mrs. Clark if anyone has.


I have a friend who used Angelicum for one of her high schoolers and Mother of Divine Grace for another. She had good experiences with both. The boys have different temperaments.

My plan is to do Seton for grades 9 and 10. For grades 11 and 12, I plan to do a hodge podge of online classes, CLEP exams, and dual credit classes. My oldest son is in 10th grade right now. I also want the kids to do lab classes for science, so we'll look for dual credit or high school class for that.

I plan to make up our own transcripts and diplomas. From what I have discovered, it is not necessary to have a diploma from an accedited school to get into college or the military. But, another option is to do Clonara or North Atlantic Regional School. They will authenticate a course work.

Ironically, the part of Seton's high school course that I dislike is the Religion Classes. I just think they are repetitious and a little boring. The presentation is dated. In high school, I think it's time to move beyond basic catechesis and work a little on application.

The thing I like best about Seton is the services and price. Most of the Catholic schools don't provide as many services. And, the secular programs with services are priced much higher.

As far as the Seton workload goes, we choose to omit some assignments. That's helped alot.

God bless your family's discernment.


**I use Seton, Kolbe, catholic Heritage, plus other stuff.

Are you wanting one provider? What is your brother interested in doing?

I’ll agree seton is hard time consuming work - we look at it as great practice for college.
But really what will work for your brother depends on him and your mother.

Ironicly I don’t know if I will use seton for my second son bc I think it would be too easy fir him. He isn’t better than first son really, it just happens that what many find hard about seton, comes very quick and easy to my second son. And there’s not enough books to read for him.

Third son is a mix of the first two. It will be challenging for him, but he enjoys it.

I would ignore whether it is labeled classical or not and look at the actual materials used and requirements of study. **


Thanks for the response, I’ve sent for a brochure from MoDG so that my parents can look it over together.

I realize that accredidation gives a sense of security because it lends some credibility to the work you’re doing but it is not necessary. hslda.org/highschool/faq.asp
One thing that we really like about Seton is its emphasis on religion. A religious education is too important to us and we would choose Catholic-based over accredited if it came down to that.

Also, How fast you finished Seton’s course is completely irrelevant to me. I’m concerned with my brother’s Catholic education. Furthermore, Mrs. Clark has never strongly supported moving too quickly through grade levels as evident from her newsletters.


I’m not sure if you interested but I used the lab course books for Bio and Chem from Seton and ordered our supplies from Home Science Tools and this worked out well for us.

We would like a provider but we could try developing our own curriculum but to honest I think my Dad isn’t that comfortable with that method even though its perfectly legitimate. I agree that Seton has prepared me for college but sometimes I think that Seton is overwhelming and because of a lack of flexibility this problem cannot be addressed.

The services that Seton offers are nice (which is making it hard to give up on Seton).

Thanks so much for your time, I’ll be looking into Angelicum when I have some more time.

We would like a single provider so that we can have access to school services. We’re not really sure what my brother will want go into after school since he excels in all his classes except spelling. So we’re looking for a curriculum with a strong general study program.

The amount of reading is what we find difficult. His comprehension is excellent but its the amount of reading that is causing some of our problems. Based on this problem a more flexible curriculum would benefit him greatly.

Since classical schools seem to be a a big hit, I sent for information from MoDG and Kolbe. Thanks for your recommendations and good luck with your boys.


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