What hooks people into Scientology?


Such an evil cult is Scientology. How do they get “sucked” in to the vortex?


Initially, it starts as a new age auditing session. It promises that with simple paid sessions, you can live a better life, be fulfilled, etc. It uses the guise of physical “proof” using an E-meter to show that there is a physical gauge for self-realization. In reality, the E-meter is just a device which measures the electrical resistance of you skin and the auditors provide a basic psychotherapy based upon a philosophical approach to find self-purpose. It simply combines a universal desire for the meaning of life with supposed physical evidence demanded by the modern scientific mindset.


I hear the Tom Cruise biography - is worth watching ( on net flix ? )
He was actually a Catholic - at one time - then - kaboom - Hollywood be thy name !


People who abandon God will latch onto anything to make themselves feel better. Scientology is just one such avenue for false assurances.


I wouldn’t necessarily label it “evil,” but misinformed and/or silly.
There are over 1.5 million reasons to leave the Roman Catholic Church, but only one that causes it. IGNORANCE.
It is most sad that in the name of “modernism” and the fear of confronting people, the church does not teach how to be Catholic and nor do the people want to hear it.
Society is too sunk in into the three evils: egocentrism, mediocrity, and hedonism.
It’s all about me. What’s the least I can do to make it through. If it feels good, to heck with the consequences and nobody’s watching, I will do it.
What’s the easy way out? Quit being Catholic. It is always easier and most pleasant to join one of the 40k denominations and pick the one that speaks the most comfortable, the most fun, the one that I can drink my Starbucks while preaching, the one that will not tell me that birth control, gay marriage, abortion, are wrong and will not directly challenge me to lead a true sacrificial Christian life devoted to building the Kingdom.
Many Christians forget that faith and logic go together and neither one can be without the other.
This is why learning how to think and picking to read what is true and resourceful is so important to an intellectually sound mind. A susceptible Catholic is the one that is not taught logic, the faith, has not read the Catechism, or has been hurt by the cleric in some way or denied the care expected from a representative of Christ. (The latter happens way too often).


Like they say “if it’s too good to be true…”
A lot of non-Catholic Christians start their conversations as “The Bible says…” which I find hilarious because the Bible says that if you’re right hand causes you to sin, you should cut it off, and honestly, we should all be in bags filled with body parts. So when do we draw a line between literal meaning and a metaphor? This is something a Protestant brother can never answer to satisfaction. or at least I am yet to hear it.
One thing is for certain. The way to Heaven is filled with tears, and physical hurt. If we learn to be joyful in our soul about this and take hardship with love, especially for our brothers or sisters, we are in the right path to our Promised Land. If all we do is for our own earthly good and to store riches, then your finite Heaven will be on earth. The choice is ours to make.


Scientology has an aura of “science” which is so honored in today’s world. From its name to its pseudo scientific E-Meter, it just appeals to a lot of people.


@goodcatholic Can I ask why you consider it evil?

In answer to your question, I think Scientology simply has a lot going for it. I’m not joining because there are a few things that do put me off – and they’re not small things – but I wouldn’t call it evil, nor would I even call it dumb, silly, or altogether wrong.


They gather information on you through your audits—which are like confessions, but recorded and put in your file. They don’t have a “seal”. They have blackmail material on you. That is one reason.

Another is they forbid family and friends of yours who are Scientologists from having contact with you if you leave.


I heard that if the trophy boy, Tom Cruise, leaves the whole thing will more or less fall apart.
There’s a huge store-front scientology “church” in my city, and no one is ever seen going in or out. Very strange.


We had all of their locations in Los Angeles as a customer where I work , very very strange in the way they conduct themselves, they no longer use us because the account rep wouldn’t convert . They would send “Holiday” cards with their cross in the front for Christmas .


Read the book Going Clear by Lawrence Wright. It’s a very good history and description of Scientology. It’s interesting that the whole thing got started as an article the magazine Astounding Science Fiction and it promoted a therapy called dianetics that involved auditing and e-meters. Hubbard later changed the name to Scientology and promoted it as a religion


I read Leah Remini’s book, which was an eye opener. Been meaning to read Going Clear.




Because it has been linked to the murder of anyone who speaks out against it or tries to leave it, probably.


The negative stuff wasn’t always so well known in the past. There are ex-Scientologists that are boldly and bravely speaking out, but that wasn’t always so.

I think a lot of people get sucked into it because of the promises of success as a result of self-improvement. I took a quiz and after submitting it I was invited to a center to discuss the results that would show the strengths and weaknesses in my personality and character. That was appealing to me. The audit was stupid and I think I had a noob conducting it because as someone as vulnerable as I was at the time I should have been easy. They called me for a while but I never went back. I probably wasn’t the best target because I didn’t have a lot of money and what I did have I wanted to spend it on shiny things.


Nope. Since his couch jumping stunt on Oprah, Tom is considered one of Scientology’s liabilities.


I’ve actually read material from the Church of Scientology. On the surface it all seemed very logical and reasonable. I think people get sucked in because like all evil it has bits of truth in it.

People wouldn’t fall for lies if they were obviously lies.


It catches people at a vulnerable time in their life when they are desperately looking for answers.
“self-improvement” must be one big drawcard. I think the crucial first meeting with them is when they can really make an impression on you and make you feel like you have to come back.


I read this last summer. It was really good and definitely gave me some insight into what it must have been like to live in this cult.

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