What i am doing for lent

Yesterday i started doing these things for lent


  1. Apple juice and grape juice
  2. Swearing
  3. Lying
  4. Thinking about food all the time
  5. Picking out which restaurant tim and i will go to
  6. Staying in bed all day
  7. Taking naps
  8. Staying in my pjs all day
  9. Taking naps in my wheelchair
  10. Leaving laundry i am supposed to put away as soon as i get it on my desk and doing it later
  11. Watching cupcake wars
  12. Going out on tuesdays with my aides
  13. Overeating
  14. Caffeine whether it is caffeinated water flavoring or pop no exceptions even if i am tired in the morning oh well i will have to live without my caffeine for 40 days
  15. Ordering huge dishes when i am out eating with tim
  16. Losing my temper
  17. Losing my temper over the tiniest things
  18. Falling asleep at mass which i dont know why i started doing that lately
  19. Applesauce
  20. Bbq sauce
  21. Being depressed over 2016 and 2017 and 2018
  22. Getting in everyone’s business
  23. Read my bible more
  24. Pray more
  25. Eat more healthier
  26. Take OA seriously
  27. Go to confession
  28. Drink more water
  29. Eat slower
  30. Be more positive
  31. Be more respectful
  32. Watch my weight more carefully
  33. If i am upset instead of losing my temper i will talk to someone about it
  34. Act my age and not like a little kid or as my bff would say a big baby
  35. Post more pro life republican conservative catholic christian stuff on facebook
  36. Hang out with family more

While you are to be commended for planning so many sacrifices for Lent, that’s kind of a long list. Maybe pick five things?
I know if I had that many things on my list I would totally fail at most of them because I couldn’t even keep track of all that.


I already failed a few of them

  1. Grape juice
  2. Taking naps
  3. Applesauce
  4. I had a taco salad with meat for lunch yesterday but the good news is i had spaghetti but without the meatballs i took it off the spaghetti and wrapped them in a paper towel and ate the meatballs this morning
  5. Swearing but i am still trying not to

I think naps are good for our mental health, myself. If I gave up naps I would probably get ill.

Maybe just try to swear less, not get angry, and read your Bible a little bit every day.

That would be an awesome Lent if you just did those things.


If you’re Catholic, be sure to stop by confession before taking communion. Catholics are obligated to abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday and all Fridays of lent.

I agree with Tis though, that’s a huge list. Focus on a few thing that will help you grow. For instance, I am trying to go to daily mass at least once each week, my wife and I are both giving up all phone time while our son is awake, and I am going to work on my book some each day.

It’s not a lot of things, but the first two will help me grow closer to God and my family, and the third is something I’ve felt called to do for a long time.

Lent isn’t about how much you give up, it’s about how you give up. (Or take on, in the case of adding something to your routine.)

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The good priests I know advise no more than 3 things during Lent. More than that you set yourself up to fail.

Remember, our sacrifices are of good things.

Lying, swearing, those are sins. We are supposed to NOT do those things on any day!

Partisan politics is not a spiritual thing.

Maybe think about volunteering for your local crisis pregnancy center instead.

If I may, I’d like to offer you a few bits of advice.

First, like others have said, that list is too long. Pare it down a bit.

Second, failure isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it can actually be good, because it reminds us of our dependence on God. If we “make it” all the way through Lent, for instance, without giving in to our desire to have coffee, we risk falling into pride. “Look at me! I did it!” That misses the point.

Third, the point of any fasting is to draw closer to Christ. We don’t fast, or give things up, as it may be, in order to look in the mirror and say, “Wow, aren’t I great?” We give them up because we realize they are encroaching on our relationship with the Lord.

Fourth and finally, and perhaps most importantly, as the Gospel for Ash Wednesday reminds us, “Do not let your left hand know what your right is doing.” Jesus exhorts us to fast in secret. “Wash your face and anoint your head so that you may not appear to others to be fasting, and your Father who sees in secret will repay you.” In other words, it’s no one’s business but your own and your spiritual director what you are giving up for Lent.

Just my thoughts for the day…

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Thanks for the advice

I saw this on the local Catholic church marquee a few days ago.
For Lent: Keep it simple. Keep it honest. Keep it going.

From my experience is - forget lists. Just make sure you pray at least once a day, go to church as often as you can, don’t fall into the dreamy temptations and other unusual prelets that happen specifically for Lent.
Just getting without getting in conflict with God by is good enough for me. Follow as many rules as you can. Don’t despair.

Very similar to the priestly advice for confession:

Be brief
Be bold
Be gone

Love the threes :slight_smile:

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