What I love about being Catholic or Catholicism itself (for non-Catholics)!


I would like this to be a positive thread for both Catholics who want to share their personaol joys of being Catholic AND non-Catholics who would like to share a personal inspiration that they find in The Catholci Church or something positive about whay they might be trying to learn more about Catholicism.

So let’s keep it fun, informative, inspirational, and positive!:slight_smile: :thumbsup:


Jesus in the Eucharist,
The Holy Mass in Latin,
Jesus and Mary,
Jesus in the Sacrament of Confession,
The Father in the Priest,
The Holy Ghost in the Sacraments,
Jesus in the Litanies,
Jesus in the poor in spirit,
Jesus source of eternal truth,
Jesus source of enduring Revelation,
Jesus and Mary, source of humility,
Jesus in the fire of holy love,
Jesus on the Way of the Cross,
The Lord and His angels and His saints,
The Holy perfection of God,
The Holy innocence of the Lamb,
The Holy emptying and disappearance of self in God,
The honor and justice and mercy of God,
The endless hosts of Heaven and their Communion,
The joy of suffering,
The call to sacrificial love,
The asceticism of the desert fathers and saints,
The purity of holy virgins and martyrs,
The beauty of the churches and the high altars of God,

The endless glory of God,

. . .



I love being around folks who love God as I do. I love greeting folks at mass, hearing the words of Christ as bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Christ.

I love serving at the Shrine of Our Lady. It is like becoming a palace guard at the castle of the Queen of the Universe !

I love the idea that when I die, I will be reunited with family and friends who have passed away, and be able to thank God face to face for all the wonderful blessings that He has given to me and my family.


I am a convert of almost 50 years. I joined because of was drawn to the culture, the immense spirituality as expressed in church art, music and ritual. The history of the Church is fascinating as one cannot study history without also studying the Church. The beauty of the Eucharist is overwhelming; the Church allows me to communicate with my deceased family and gives me great hope! To me, the Church is the epitome of intellectual thought as opposed the the emotional aspect of Christianity. I have always viewed Protestant emotional approaches to the Bible as bordering on superstition.

May God protect and guide our Church!


Why does it seem that converts usually have a greater appreciation of our faith than we cradle Catholics do?

Thanks for sharing your perspective!


Those are all great things, Shin.

Are there any aspects of Catholic culture, rather than Catholic theology and faith, that you are enamored with?


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