What I never told you about my abortion


On this Feast of the Holy Innocents, please take a few moments to read this poem written by Allison Townsend that I included in an article I wrote for the Examiner this morning.

What I never told you about my abortion


Really heartbreaking, and no less chilling. Pray, pray, pray.


Yes, that's so sad. Thanks for the post. :(

I have a story, one of many, many that I hear all the time in front of the abortuary I counsel in front of...If I may....

One day, one of the other counselors in front of this clinic was standing at the corner of the street near our pro-life signs. The signs were very mild, saying choose adoption, not abortion, one was a Divine Mercy picture of Jesus, some explained complications due to abortion, warning that women deserve better, etc.

A woman, who was a passenger in the back of a cab, stopped in front of the clinic, opened the door to the cab and shouted out, "I hate your signs! I hate your signs!"
She kept yelling.

One of the pro-life sidewalk counselors, who I want to keep anonymous, waved for her to come over to talk about it, as we usually do-especially if people yell things from afar. We like to know why they are worked up and meet them where they have any misunderstanding.

The woman came out of the cab, and walked onto the pavement which goes in front of the clinic. As soon as she stood on the sidewalk, it was as though she could not stand anymore. She collapsed and burst into tears. The sidewalk counselor embraced her.

Then the woman said, "I hate your signs, but I love your signs, because they tell women the truth. Where were you and your signs when I had my abortion here in the early 80s?!"

"My husband was abusive and forced me to go through with the abortion. I can still hear the sucking machine to this day."

She then repeatedly mimicked the sound of sucking, apparently what the machine sounded like.

She then said, "I am now a depressed alcoholic because of my experiences with abortion. Keep doing what you are doing. Warn other women about this place and how horrible it is."

At this point, because of the commotion, all the sidewalk counselors and prayer warriors came to witness this incident. Prayers were said with the woman, and she began to calm down. She was given a blessed rosary, thanks us, and got back into the cab and left.

It's so sad, but you really don't hear as many of these stories, because of the power money wields over what is and is not heard about abortion, especially in mainstream media.

Pray for these women. Many go on to commit suicide after they go through with an abortion.


Thanks for the post. I’ve passed it along already to several others in my church who are involved with pro-life activities. I was trying to make contact for a ride to Washington Jan. 22 just before reading your post. How especially appropriate today.

Abortion claims many victims besides the innocent unborn. As others have said, it is important to continue to keep them all in prayer, as well as our legislators, and medical personnel who facilitate abortions.


Thank you for posting this article.

A professor told us a story about a young woman who went to have an abortion, she was under age and yet did not have to get the permission of her parents, just sign the consent form. After the procedure she left the building and slipped on the pavement cutting her arm. When she went back into the clinic to have her arm treated and was told that they would have to call her parents to get permission to treat her. That slammed home the diabolical nature of abortion to her.

Peace to all.



Thank God for Project Rachael. It's pretty strong here in Portland.


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