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God first
What I think about the theory that
God and Jesus Christ the same person


Here it is Jesus Christ the Son of God and has humans go a father in a son cannot live in the same person. But God can join Christ has a spirit being but he can also join us making us one light.

What God can do no flesh can do you have to be spirit kind what ever that is but that does make God greater than he is it just makes him the head of things and Christ also being part of the head. A light has many heads to its source which it has Christ is unite with God and us to made the light more real and true.

Many people have spoken against the Trinity because it did not make good logical sense but to make something only see of three parts they can see a body, a soul and a spirit. What if God has three parts also God, Christ and us the body of Christ.

So I see Trinity not like John Husks or even the person that burn at the cross but I see Trinity, as it is God with Christ with us standing together. Trinity is a lie that means something to God but nothing to men that believe in the theory.

How can the father and the son be the same person with God nothing is impossible because the father and the son and us became one. I used to see things as a fleshly being but now I see as a spirit being.

I sorry if I did not spell John Husks name right because he gave life for the word and I thank men like this. Thank you my friends for given me space to bring to subject to you with love Roy.


God first

What I think about the theory Trinity


love Roy


Funny, the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit are all mentioned in the Bible. Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of the Living God…true God & True man. Jesus Christ is both Divine nature & human nature.

Jesus Christ Himself said to the apostles that after He goes to heaven He will send the Holy Spirit…and the Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles in tongues of fire. No one can fully grasp the concept of the Holy Trinity (taking into account we humans only use approx 25% of our brain, it is highly conceivable to acknowledge that it is beyond human reasoning) but one way we try to understand is the clover.


God first

hi Lainey63

so you say

in my bible Jesus Christ is the son and God is the Father

but I do want to fight about it

I understand the holy spirit coming descended upon the apostles in tongues of fire just I have Christ in me

with God’s help I understand the Bible

I see it in context of the unbeliever and the Jew and church of God

love Roy


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