What if a priest offers Mass the a state of mortal sin?

The priests of the Church are not infallible, and must occasionally be in a state of mortal sin at the time he must offer a Mass. What does he do to offer the Mass? Our Lady was without Sin in order to carry Him, what must the Priest do to consecrate Him in this state? He if “like the rest of us” would not be able to receive the Eucharist. What does he do to consecrate and consume the Eucharist validly?

Thank you.

Dear friend,

For a priest to celebrate Mass in the state of mortal sin would be an additional mortal sin of sacrilege. It is possible for people to live day in and day out without being in the state of mortal sin. It is not necessarily inevitable. If a priest should commit a mortal sin, it is his responsibility to go to Confession before celebrating Mass. But even if he should celebrate Mass in the state of mortal sin, the consecration would be valid.

With Our Lady, she conceived Jesus in her womb. Her very body was a tabernacle. What the priest does in consecrating bread and wine is done outside of himself for the benefit of others. The validity of his ministry in no way depends on the state of his soul and is not affected by it.

See: saints.sqpn.com/ncd06116.htm

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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