What if all of the church would be destroyed

Youth younger days, a big terorist attack a lot of victims, the pope death. At the same time a attack on the papacy, and worldwide churches get plundered and attacked.

Not a point of view that could be happy, nor a viepoint that really is awesome. But I am just aiming at the ifs here. What if the church where destroyed, so there would be no church to go to, no pope to listen to. No nothing.

How would we live our lives. I mean this is not only a question of what do we do without the church. But would we still be catholic without the church?

I found this an interesting topic and wanted to ask this.

We are the Church. All its faithful members no matter how many or how few or whatever our vocation. No doubt some clergy would survive. They’d get together and elect a new pope. Easy-peasy.

Won’t happen. cf. CCC 77; DV 8 § 1.

Theoretically, in such an alternate Universe as you propose (all else being equal), I’d say Catholics would remain Catholics so long as they did not fall into heresy or schism. But without a hierarchy, it would be practically impossible not only to keep everyone united, but also to denounce heretics as such, or to differentiate schismatics and the true Church, at least with any authoritative or definitive act.

Baptism could be continued, I suppose, by laymen; otherwise, once all living Catholics died, the Church Militant would no longer exist.

Most likely, nearly everyone would fall into all kinds of sin and error, due to the sudden lack of graces which were formerly emanating from the Sacrifice of the Mass. Those who committed mortal sins would have to make perfect acts of contrition. The world in general would go downhill. St. Pio of Pietrelcina said the world would fare better without the sun than without the Holy Mass.

In short, it would be a mess. Thanks be to God, this will never happen!

All we would need is for at least one priest would survive. If he was the only one, then I guess he’d have to be the pope. Hopefully he would give holy orders to at least a few others. They, along with he small group of remaining lay people, would still be the Church. They’d just be on a small scale without the luxury of buildings. However, that’s what the infant Church was like, wasn’t it? With time the Church could always grow and strengthen again.
Since Jesus promised that the Church would never pass away and the gates of hell would never prevail, you can bet we’d still have that one priest.

I meant to edit and I quoted. DERP

Wouldn’t he have to be a bishop to confer Holy Orders?

Oh duh.
Ummm… we have over 5,000 Roman Catholic bishops.
Plus all of the Eastern Catholic bishops.
Surely ONE would live.
Otherwise… at least we’d still have the Eucharist if any Orthodox lived?

**I suppose he would, however this makes for an interesting thread. If there was only one Priest left in the world, could he confer Holy orders? Or would that mean that since there are no Bishops that apostolic succession would cease and therefore no holy orders, no Eucharist, no Anointing of the sick, no confirmation, no reconciliation? (I left out Marriage and Baptism as those are the two Sacraments that could possibly be effected in emergency situations, in particular Baptism) That is a frightening scenario indeed. Enough to chill the blood. However, we will never have to fear this, thankfully. Our Lord promised that the gates of hell will NEVER prevail against Holy Mother Church. We as Catholics, have much to be thankful for. **

Such a thing would be impossible. I remind you of Christ’s own words, vis a vie the church:"…and the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against it".
So, any speculation about it are ridiculous and a waste of time.

  1. I think the Church/the Body of Christ also composes of the saints in heaven, so if every remotely Christian person in the universe was murdered, dead or alive, Church is Church.

  2. The gates of hell shall not prevail against it (the Church). If the Church is at the gates of hell, doesn’t that mean we’re the attackers?

I this the original poster KNOWS this won’t happen and is just asking “what if…” as an imaginative, idle curiosity, not as a way to doubt the Lord’s promises.

I think this could be an interesting discussion!

If no clergy survived the faithful could elect new ones from among them by popular acclaim. Our canon law only functions if all the other pieces are in place, such as a living hierarchy. If that were to go, the faithful would have the right and duty to elect new pastors, including the pope, if necessary.

So my scenario with one remaining priest becoming the Pope by default WOULD work! :slight_smile:

Yes. At one time in Church history the people would elect a bishop by popular acclimation. It’s not done now, but there’s no reason, given the OP’s scenario, that this couldn’t be done again.

I think it is possible that if the sacrifice of the Mass were ever to cease that God’s judgment would immediately follow. It is the sacrifice of the Mass that satisfies the justice of God, without it He would be compelled by His Justice to inflict punishment for sin. Jesus has satisfied God’s justice with His perfect sacrifice of love on the cross. If we ever cease to make an offering of Jesus’ sacrifice I think we would be doomed.

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