What if all the churches were gone



What if America was taken over by Islamic terrorists and they turned all(all does mean all this time;) ) of our churches into mosques:eek: Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Jewish.

As a christian, you are not allowed to worship Christ. If you are caught you would be killed. The only way to worship is to have secret meetings in people’s homes. You had no access to any material other then is what is in your home. No internet, no TV, no radio well except maybe what the terrorists allow you to watch.

I know this is an extreme example(although you never know) but I was just wondering what us christians would do if we were stripped of everything we are allowed to do as christians. All our religious freedoms taken away.:eek: No church, no bible study, no eucharist, no baptism, no confirmation, nothing that has to do with the church.

What would you do?


We’d just have to go underground like the martyrs in the catacombs and priest-holes of old :cool:

Tell you what, it’d weed out all those luke-warm Christians in name only out quick smart, wouldn’t it :hmmm:


Lily pretty much cover it. Christians will go underground. Look in China… Christians there worship underground. These Christians don’t like the state sponsored religions…

For example, the only bishops for Catholics are appointed by the Communist Party. They refuse to allow to have the Pope take any control of these bishops.

However, the Pope had appointed an underground cardinal bishop…

If there come a time when Islam overtakes us, we will go underground. We must persevere to the end… and many of us will die for it…

St. Polycarp put it best, "For eighty six years I have been his servant and he has never done me wrong; how can I blaspheme my King who saved me?..I am a Christian; if you wish to study the Christian doctrine, choose a day and you will hear it.


You probably wouldnt have to they would just cave under the terror.:frowning:


Islam overtake us??? Is that even possible?


I would find a good hiding spot for my Bible and other prayer books so they wouldn’t be discovered. But, if all of my possessions were taken, I’d rely on prayer. :wink: I really hope I don’t live to see the day that would/could happen. :frowning:


Ya never know.:eek: I also hope I would never see that in my lifetime or any lifetime.:thumbsup:


What if there were no bishops or priests because they were either killed(God forbid) or there were none where you lived. What would you do if you had no access to a bishop or Priest?


I would move to wherever there was one (bishop/priest). I wouldn’t want to be without those most wonderful sacraments that Christ gave us to help effect our salvation.


Priest going into hiding is nothing new.

It happen during Queen Elizabeth reign for example.

Shh… Don’t tell anyone but my home would have a “priest hole” :thumbsup:



But what if you couldnt move. What would you do if you were stuck where you were.:frowning:


There is plenty of 20th century precedent, though maybe not so much under Islam. Many Catholics and other denoms in Europe had to make that choice during the 1930s and 1940s. Lots went to the work camps and gas chambers. Most just went along with the Nazi program. The recent movie with Jon Voigt playing Pope John Paul II spends quite a bit of time describing the circumstances that Christians lived under in Poland, first under the Nazis, and then under the Communists. John Paul basically went to seminary underground, and had several close calls with the authorities.

So, it has happened in modern times, in civilized countries. We shouldn’t think it couldn’t happen here. More likely, though, is that secularism will make the practice of true Christianity so painful, that it will be a nearly irresistable type of persecution.


I wont tell anyone;)


You’d have to be more specific. You mean if I was chained by my hands and feet to a wall in a cement prison with no windows 100 feet underground with 100 locked doors between me and the surface with each door being 3 feet thick and guarded by armed terrorists?

Well, if I couldn’t escape I would just pray - what else could I do?


Thanks! As long as you don’t tell any one then I have nothing to worry about! right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously going into hiding is nothing “new” to Catholic History.

The Apostles did it
It happened in England during Queen Elizabeth’s time.
It happened in Poland during JPII early years.
It’s happening in China now…

The Church has always prevailed because Christ said it would!

Sure it would be tough but I guess that’s life :o
I don’t think Christ said walking with Him would be easy.


Yes, I know it is nothing new. I just wanted to know what we would all do seeing how we have such freedoms.:wink:


Yes and thank you for your answer.:thumbsup:


I would carry on as much as I could.
If I could house my follow Christian’s I would.
If I could meet in someone’s home I would.
If I could have my bible then I would read it.
And I would always pray!

ALLFORHIM, what would you do?


Don’t forget that God promised that the gates of the never world would not prevail over His Church. SO nothing to worry about it has happened before and the Church is still standing. Jesus never said it was going to be easy. :thumbsup:


I would do exactly what you just stated above:thumbsup:

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