What If An SSPX Priest Wants To Jump Ship?

What if an SSPX priest wants to become a Roman Catholic Priest ?

Is it a simple matter of vowing obedience to Rome ?

I know the Institute of the Good Shepherd was created for just this purpose and many priests have made the move you describe. I don’t think they would need to make any such vow, I think they would probably be admitted with a simple sacramental confession–that’s just a guess–but there could be more or less requirements.

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That’s good to hear. That means there will be priests asking to be assigned to parishes that have received requests for the TLM. (I presume)

As Rome will admit, the SSPX priests are validly ordained. They are true priests with true Sacraments.

Nobody denies that. They are not re-confirmed or re-ordained. It’s similar to an Eastern or Oriental Orthodox person re-uniting with the Roman Pontiff.

While I love the Old Rite, I don’t think that it would be wise just to accept all the SPPX priests back into the Church simply so they can say our TLMs. I mean - if they sincerely have a conversion experience and those renounce views that are dangerous (e.g. that NOMs are “blasphemous” or “invalid”) then we could accept them in, but if they don’t then they are only going to hurt the body of Christ.


Are you saying that SSPX priests are not Roman Catholic?:confused:

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What if an SSPX priest wants to become a Roman Catholic Priest ?

Funny how ppl think that SSPX are “half priests”. Everyone keeps saying its a valid mass, ie, I am assuming that means the priest through Christ does actually change the matter of the Host, but his other priestly duties are not bone fide. Is that like being “half pregnant”?:banghead:

A Priest can be in good standing with Rome, or not in good standing (suspended). If they are in good standing, they have Jurisdiction to hear confessions, and witness marriages, if not, they cannot do those validly. Any Priest can say a valid Mass, it is only licitness that comes into question. A suspended Priest says the Mass illicitly, but validly (assuming correct form, matter, and intent are present).
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So can we use that as an argument against “Once saved; always saved”?

One day you can be a full priest, and being in complete harmony with 1900 years of Catholic Tradition then all of a sudden you are a sinner again?

Anyway, I understand the legalities, and thanks

We’re always sinners, but yes, if you commit a sin even if you profess the orthodox faith and practice lawful traditions, you still are a sinner–heresy is not the only sin. For example, if you choose to be ordained a priest by a bishop ordained against the strict order of the Apostolic See, you have sinned.

:thumbsup: Your post simply states what the SSPX is. Good job.

The FSSP was formed by by SSPX priests who split off when the SSPX “bishops” were excommunicated in 1988. i would imagine any SSPX priest who would want rejoin the Body of Christ he would just have to find a Bishop in good standing with Rome who would give him the faculties to dispense the sacraments. For now SSPX priests have no such faculties from any bishop in good standing.

Now if a priest is ordained by a bishop who is excommunicated does that make him a valid priest? Is he like an orthodox priest? If the excommunication of the bishop makes the ordination invalid the I guess any of the new SSPX priests would have to get re-ordained by a bishop in good standing with Rome.

The ordination is valid, but illicit, and the Priest is suspended a divinis before he even takes his forehead off the marble. No re-oridination would be necessary. Just a confession I would think (illicitly confecting the Eucharist is a mortal sin).

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Is that like being “half pregnant”?

It’s more like being pregnant, having the baby, and then having the baby baptized in a Protestant church. Tha baptism is still recognized, so if the baby wants to join the Catholic church, they don’t need to be “re-baptized”. They do, however, need to be brought into the Catholic faith.


One day you can be a full priest, and being in complete harmony with 1900 years of Catholic Tradition then all of a sudden you are a sinner again?

I feel like this sometimes. There I am, minding my own business, being a good Catholic and then BAM! “Shoot! How’d I end up in sin again?” :stuck_out_tongue:


What makes those views dangerous? Fr. Corapi has bluntly said that many Novus Ordos are invalid. The Holy Father himself is no fan of the Novus Ordo. He’s toned down his rhetoric since becoming Pope but it’s no surprise that there are truths behind what the SSPX claims.

Read the Ottaviani intervention or the Reform of the Roman Liturgy by Klaus Gamber. There is nothing in those books and documents that isn’t just as cutting as anything the SSPX says.


Compare: SPPX says that the Novus Ordo is invalid and possibly blasphemous vs. Fr. Corapi has bluntly said that many Novus Ordos are invalid (i.e. the rubrics aren’t followed).

I think we can see a stark difference - and while I seriously would rather attend Tridentine Masses I wouldn’t want one so bad that I would accept a priest to “jump ship” from SPPX, without a serious conversion experience. Without seriously being sorry for not having submitted himself to his superiors, and without accepting that the Novus Ordo is part of the SAME ROMAN RITE as the Holy Father has said (meaning of course that it is Valid, and that it is good).

As for the Holy Father being Anti-Novus Ordo - I doubt that, because while he may be critical of certain things, and possibly how it was formed, I don’t think he’d celebrate it if he felt that it was either INVALID or BLASPHEMOUS. I doubt seriously that he is anti-Novus Ordo.


First: The SSPX does not say that the Novus Ordo is invalid. They say exactly what Fr. Corapi says; that it is valid when it is offered according to the liturgical books promulgated by Paul VI.

Second: Tell me how this is pro-Novus Ordo.

“What happened after the Council was something else entirely: in the place of liturgy as the fruit of development came fabricated liturgy. We abandoned the organic, living process of growth and development over the centuries, and replaced it–as in a manufacturing process–with a fabrication, a banal on- the-spot product.” (Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger) Preface to Reform of the Roman Rite by Klaus Gamber

The fact is the Holy Father can’t undo the damage overnight. So, he’s being politically correct nowadays rather than tell the world that he thinks the Novus Ordo is a fabricated, banal, manufactured product of a committee. (His words, not mine)
There is speculation in some circles that the Paul VI missal will be dumped for what will be known as the new rite of Benedict XVI.
Which will be some kind of an amalgmation of the two missals.

they are roman catholic. do you think they aren’t catholic?:confused:

I’m not the OP but I’m going to jump in here because I think that the subject is being changed.

How about we add the part in red below and then all will be right with the world?:rolleyes:

What if an SSPX priest wants to become a Roman Catholic Priest in good standing with the Church (i.e. un-suspended)?

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