What, if anything, is different about a Catholic Mass and other types of worship?


Why do Catholics have a Mass and other Christians do not? What’s the difference and does it have significance?


Catholics, Orthodox and a few others have the Mass.

Those that do, have valid apostolic succession and holy orders. Those that do not have a mass, do not have valid orders. No ministerial priesthood, no sacrifice.


I don’t understand. Why, all of a sudden, are you starting multiple threads that are asking basic questions about Catholic belief, after years of expounding on all things Catholic here? :thinking:


During the Catholic Mass the ordained Priest Consecrates bread and wine and it BECOMES JESUS’ Body Blood Soul Divinity. A Catholic Mass is the closest we will get to Heaven on Earth. When Catholic Mass is celebrated it is joining in the continual Mass going on in Heaven. When we are at Mass we are at the foot of the Cross at Calvary and at the Last Supper with Our Lord. The Priest during Consecration acts in the person of Jesus. So you see the Catholic Mass is not symbolic it is the unbloody Re-presentation of Our Lord’s suffering, sacrifice and Crucifixion.


The Mass is a liturgical form of Christian worship, and is basically the same in all liturgical churches (Roman, Eastern, Anglican, Lutheran, etc) in its form and structure.

The Liturgy begins with the greeting and opening prayers, including a penitential prayer, and goes into the Liturgy of the Word. That includes Scripture readings, chants, Psalms, and the homily or sermon. Also included would be a creed and petitionary prayers. This part of the liturgy is called the Pro-Anaphora and is based on the early Synagogue worship.

There is a break and the liturgy moves into the Anaphora, which is the actual Eucharist. An offering is made and the bread and wine are brought to the altar. The presiding priest prays the prayers of consecration and the Sacrament takes effect. People are then invited to receive the Sacrament. After communication, there are prayers of thanksgiving and a blessing from the presider or the highest level of clergy. Then people are dismissed.

The contents of the liturgy can be elaborate or simplified, but in all the liturgical churches, it is basically the same structure and intention.

In non-liturgical churches, there isn’t an emphasis on Eucharistic structure; it is more free-flowing, focusing on Scripture readings, teachings (sermons), and of course prayer.


There is a link here to what the Catholic Catechism teaches about the Mass - - - - - - - -


There may seem a lot to read , but it is worth it , and having read it you will only have begun to scratch the surface .

The Mass is not called the Sacred Mysteries for nothing .


Great question; thanks!

Several reasons:

My activity on this New Forum has been limited {I’m not fond of it}

In reviewing the topics others have started I see { in MY opinion} a narrow number of dare I say, intelligent topics of a religious nature.

Most importantly though is I continue to try to excite dialog 's between Catholics and other Christians.

Because Truth can only be singular; and because we are the Keeper’s of Christ Truths; the one’s entrusted with ALL of the Key’s to heaven, { Mt 16:18} we inherit the grave obligation to share our faith, that others too might discover the JOY of our Catholic faith.

May God guide our Faith path



My friend, are YOU implying some sort of equality in the Anaphora part of the Mass between Catholics and other Christians?

God Bless you,

Patrick {the OP}


Liturgically, yes, they have the same (or very similar) structures. And in the type of worship, they are also parallel, as opposed to say, a prayer and praise worship service.


If you’re talking about Protestant styles of worship, then the difference is EVERYTHING. The reason being is that our most important duty in life is to worship God in the manner He wants to be worshiped. Anything else is a form of idolatry and tradition of men. Jesus established the Mass as God’s selected way He wants to be worshiped, and by throwing this out, Protestantism threw out the very heart of Christianity. Without the priesthood offering sacrifice, there is no Christian religion, just a commitment to following rules.

And the fact that the Liturgy is nowhere sufficiently taught in the Bible means that Protestantism going by their “Bible alone” mentality are missing this essential information. Furthermore, while they think singing songs and hearing a sermon is how worship is done, this is not actually taught in Scripture, so they are actually following traditions of men each time they gather on Sunday, even though it looks to be a good thing on the surface.


I understand you want to see threads expounding on some basic Catholic truths. That’s fine. But, respectfully, I think it would be better if you started threads by sharing some of the insights and wisdom you have accumulated so we can discuss them. Those would be very interesting threads.

By asking a simple question and waiting for us to guess your correct answer, it feels like a cheap trick. It’s not the same as someone who is genuinely seeking answers posting on here.

You’ve been around a long time. I’m sure you have interesting insights you could share.


That’s an interesting replyy.
We get to guess what the correct
answer is!
A strawman game. The “singular truth” game that pjm mentioned.

Because there can only be a singular truth

Pick a card any card.

Is it a king of hearts??

Yes “guess your correct answer”
How did I do???


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