What if doctor tells you not to get pregnant?


That’s why second opinions are so valuable.


Not true, exactly.

OP, Please do not misunderstand.
We have stated the Church’s position as we understand it. It likely will not take you long to find a preist that will tell you what you want to hear. We, here, are not in the business of dispensation. I would discuss the situation with your husband and pray. Maybe JP II’s Love and Responsibility will bring some clarity.

Peace be with you!


OK stupid question here: Every Catholic couple I know told me condoms were aceptible for family spacing. When did that become wrong?? I grew up in the 70’s, with that 8th Sacrament of Absorption. (Send the kid to CCD, make her go thru the sacraments, hope she’ll understand. We’re busy raising her older 8 siblings!) (Probably unrelated to this thread, I know.)

Also, how many Dr’s opinions does one need before one can take charge of one’s own health w/out being afraid of offending God?



One thing that is not said enough to people… God is never outdone in generosity. Yesterday’s readings told us not to fear - and in times when it is normal and human to fear!!

When it all comes down to it, doctors and people may be smart, God is wise. God passes that wisdom on to the world via His Church. As long as we follow God’s wisdom, we can “be not afraid”.

The time when thigs are the most frightening are the times when you want to cling to God, listen to Him - even if you are afraid. God says that contraception is a sin. Plain and simple really.

So, you can trust God or not, up to you.


Since forever. Contraception has NEVER been, nor will it ever be, a moral option for spacing children.

I am sorry that “every” Catholic couple you know seems to be so misinformed.

Getting a second opinion is always prudent.

It has nothing to do with contraception, which can never be used.

The advice to seek a second opinion was only in reference to diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment for the MS. If she is warned not to become pregnant, then her options are periodic or complete abstinence.


You know what? I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS on 8 years of using NFP successfully! As a ‘future Catholic’ (still waiting for RCIA to start :o ) I was excited to read that you’ve really used NFP is a great testimony to anyone who want to denigrate or find a way around it…Start a new thread and tell us more!

I do feel for you with the chemo drugs. If they are impacting your ability to use NFP, are there any other medications that could be used that would help with the MS but make it easier for you to use NFP? Does your doctor know?

Somtimes things get tense so fast on these boards and people miss the good things that are written. I’m glad you and your husband have the courage and conviction of your faith to use NFP. I understand your concerns about the ‘what if’s’. I didn’t read that you wanted to abandon NFP, just that your circumstances have changed and you have serious fears and questions. I would too! I’m so glad you have a spouse to love, and a God to lean on. YOu are a fighter and a believer, and you asked an honest question regarding the tenets of the faith.

Praying for you,


I was told by two different priests that birth control was allowed for medical reasons only…like for example if you have a medical condition relating to your reproductive organs. So for those of you saying that birth control (as in the pill) can never be morally used…there are strict stipulations to the rule. However you cannot use it to prevent pregnancies. I was told that whenever I get married, if I am still needing to be on the birth control, to remain abstinent during what would have been my fertile period to prevent any pill abortions and I would be fulfilling the moral rule. Also women who have conditions and abnormalities of the uterus that are threatening to life…like cancer…can have them removed!

People need to stop jumping down other’s throats

I know this doesn’t help the OP much, and I"m sorry. I understand what you are going through. I’m a new catholic and this birth control issue is a real pain. Your life seems so hard and it is frustrating when people jump down your throat when are just looking for sympathy and to make it easier. Talk to your priest please.


Unfortunately, priests sometimes use sloppy language.

Again, let’s repeat: contraception is **NEVER **a moral option and can never be used.

Medicine that is used to treat a condition that has a secondary effect of making someone sterile is **NOT **contraception. So, if someone has cancer and is treated with radiation, the radiation can make them sterile. That is not “birth control”.

Priests are not doctors, and if one told you this he does not understand how the Pill works. One cannot observe signs of feritility and tell when you “would” be fertile while on the pill. Breakthrough ovluation can occur, and you cannot know when it happens.


This is horrilby off topic, but can’t let it slip by–you can’t tell when or if you “might” ovulate on the pill, it masks all signs of fertility…temps, mucous and cervix position–because of the hormones. Just FYI…

And to get back to the topic, no one on here has jumped down anyone’s throat, except for one harsh-ish post all the others have simply stated Church teaching. Contraception for the purpose of not having children is NOT allowed by the Church.



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