What if Goliath was threatening your Christian town

Suppose a modern day Goliath were threatening a Christian town (for example in the Middle East) and a Christian child with the faith of David had a sling and a few stones - how would the teachings of Christ and His Church apply in this similar scenario regarding what the next best step would be to take?
*]Let the child throw the stone and save the town
*]Pray for a legion of angels to defend the town
*]The child and town should drop all weapons, turn their cheeks and accept brutal slavery
*]All able bodied Christians should fight to defend the town, especially that child.

Please don’t mock the question and/or answer “I don’t know.” Just looking for some insightful answers. Thank you in advance for your sincerity.

Note - this is similar to some other threads - so apologies for the overlap.

I know you don’t want to be mocked, but I have a strange sense of humor. I just wouldn’t do any of the suggested actions. I would just let the President, through Executive orders, sling a few pebbles in Goliath’s direction. Now, all kidding aside, I can not really forecast what I or anyone would do in such a situation. What would you, the poster, do??

Not a Christian, but having been a soldier, I’d have to go with ‘other’–I couldn’t see letting a small child take on a threat to any town I was living in while I sat back and let it happen. (I’d probably be shoving the kid in the other direction, away from said threat.) I can’t say I’d think too highly on any able-bodied adults who would permit such a thing either. I’d expect as many of the adults as possible to put up the fight, and put the older kids in charge of getting themselves and the smaller kids out of Dodge.

Depends on what this ‘goliath’ is but the first recourse would be to cross oneself then drop on your knees to pray.

I define our gov’t as a sort of ‘goliath’, the majority of Americans have dropped all their weapons and accepted the brutal slavery of taxes and regulations. I have volunteered distributing food in my small town and its sad that in America people go hungry, widows have their homes confiscated because of property taxes they can’t pay, etc. Goliath is here.

That’s easy. Let the child throw the stone and save the town. The child doesn’t get hurt, and the town is saved.


Maybe the solution is just as simple as the biblical outcome, a small child defeats a huge threat? Maybe that is telling us to defeat a tyrannical system (our Goliath if you will), it will take something that no one has thought of before, something that would seem crazy and impossible? hmmm

Terrific discussion - thank you for your insights. I believe “metaphorical” Goliaths are fine to talk about as well in this thread.

As for me, it is my deep hope that Angels are available and ready to defend Christians against the Goliaths of the world. So, in my opinion, a stone should not be necessary.

That said - I have a weak faith in angels because I am deaf, dumb and blind when it comes to them. If they do help me, I’m unaware and sure wish I could see the strong Legions Christ talks about and gain more experience in their fighting help.

I also get confused regarding if it is fine to call upon them for their fighting help against earthly bad guys. Christ spoke so strongly against calling fire down from Heaven and He readily accepted Crucifixion when He of all people told us he could call upon the Angelic Legions. He also instructed us to pick up our crosses and follow Him. Yet, Pope Leo XIII in no uncertain terms gave us a most blunt and assertive prayer to call upon St. Michael (though not necessarily against earthly evil). So I become confused.

Net, net - Lacking experience in Angels, and confused about whether I should call upon them for temporal assistance - alas, I am left a hesitant weakling and quite possibly, ripe for the slaughter.

This becomes very real when say, a temporal bully enters my life. Shall I throw well chosen temporal stones at him trusting in God, or just hand him over to the Angelic Legions, or allow him to roll over me, or attempt to flee the situation? I think Christ teaches us to let the bully roll over and/or to flee.

Well, how do we know that David wasn’t some kind of a bully, but lauded for his demise of a "one eyed, evil giant? We have bullies like that now don’t we, who beat up on people who can’t fight back and then have it posted on utube.? I would like to know how Goliath was really able to see that stone coming for him, esp. as he had one working eye!!! Just wondering.;);):wink:

Maybe, rather than choices, it is more like a decision if… then… process

If a Goliath threatens you or those you love… make a heartfelt attempt to politely ask him to cease.
If he does not cease raise the issue up to a higher authority.
If the higher authority won’t listen and/or is unreachable, unreliable, untrustworthy, unproven then
Call upon the angels with Mary’s blessing to attack…
If nothing happens in a day…
Then flee.
If fleeing is unreasonable, then hand it over to God to allow whatever happens to happen begging for Providential protection or the grace to accept slavery and crucifixion.

Something like that. Thoughts?

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