What if I can't wait til Saturday for confession?

Our local churches only have confession to a priest on Saturdays. I often need to make a confession by Saturday night, or at best the day before confession but I don’t have the gas to drive to see a priest 5 times a day (I’m exaggerating to make a point- btw, I confess all venial sins too) and I don’t want to text our priest’s sacramental emergency cell phone constantly to confess, but I need to be able to confess anytime so as to earn indulgences and partake of weekday Communion. Can I confess to a fellow believer to absolve me of sin until I can get to confession? What if I take God’s name in vain Tuesday and die Thursday? Somewhere scripture says “Confess your sins to one another… the prayers of the righteous have power.”

You must confess mortal sins as soon as possible, all others can wait until the next scheduled confession. Only a priest can give you absolution, so if you “confess” to someone else, it won’t change anything except maybe make you feel better for telling someone. It sounds like you may be suffering from scruples, and should bring that up at you next confession.

Perhaps you are being a little scrupulous.

Valid confession is only to a priest in person and only the priest can absolve you.
If you cannot wait until the normal Confession times then contact the parish office and fix up an appointment with the priest at a time mutually convenient for both of you.

Remember Confession is done in person. You cannot confess to a priest by text, email, phone or whatever. That is not valid.

Go to any Catholic Rectory and ask to see a priest. If one is not available, find out when the next mass is at any Catholic Church. Get to the Church about 15 minutes before the Mass is scheduled to start. Enter the Sacristy and ask the priest to hear your Confession.
And, as an extra, where Confession is concerned, stop making excuses as to why you can’t make it to Confession. You are only deluding yourself at the peril of your soul.

Many people use the lords name in vain such as “Oh my God!” This is usually venial and is not serious. It is when you say bad things about God or Christ that gets you into trouble. Also you can usually make an appointment for a private confession. If this is still not possible you may abstain from communion until you confess.

Make a perfect Act of Contrition if you think you’ve committed a mortal sin and save the confession for Saturday.

I think you have serious scruples. Venial sins do not require confession or prohibit you taking week day Eucharist. Don’t impose hardships on yourself that don’t exist.

If you are committing 5 mortal sins a day, I would recommend talking to your priest about how you can transform your lifestyle so you arent constantly bailing out the lifeboat. So to speak.

Forgive me for being pedantic but its not a perfect Act of Contrition. Its an act of Perfect Contrition.
While a genuine act of perfect contrition, which is conditional upon a firm intent to get to Confession as soon as possible, would save a person if they die before getting to Confession this does not allow a person to receive Communion. They must still go to Confession to receive absolution before they can receive Communion.
After making such an act if the person subsequently does not go to the earliest Confession available then there is no act of perfect contrition.
Also, how can anyone be sure they made an act of perfect contrition. The real answer is to get to Confession as soon as possible.

The Church only allows person-to-person confession. You cannot validly confess via text or cell phone call or Skype or any other digital or mechanical means which may interfere with positively identifying both parties or ensuring complete privacy.

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