What, if I may ask

My DEAR friends in Christ,

Please share with us on CAF, what bring you as a [at present], non-Catholic, to CAF?

I have long wondered about this?

God Bless you,


Been coming here for years when I’ve had questions about Catholicism of Catholic views on matters when I was Catholic, when I was searching and even after I landed where I did in the Anglican family. And I’ve found CA to be one of the more active and vibrant Christian communities on the web, with a decent number of non-Catholics too, so I started engaging.

To learn about a religion I didn’t know anything about before I found CAF. I don’t know any Catholics off line.


To fellowship with fellow Christians and to learn what actual practicing Catholics think about certain issues.

Been hanging around since 2008, originally under a different name. Wanted to learn about Catholicism initially, then found good information on theology, and just interesting discussion.

Doing research in discussions about Anglicanism has helped with my overall theological knowledge base.

To clarify questions that I have about the faith I grew up with. And to observe Catholics culture and views on things that are important to me so I can make an informed decision regarding my own spiritual life.

To give me a family. To have other people to care about.

So nice to have you all here! :slight_smile:

You too 7S! :thumbsup:

I suppose out of curiosity to learn about a tradition I walked away from decades ago without really knowing the least little about it. Blessings to all.

Hi Patrick,
Thanks for asking.

Initially I was channel-surfing on my car radio one day and came across a Catholic radio station that just so happened to be playing Gregorian chants (which I always have found fascinating) leading up to *‘Catholic Answers Live’ *and I just kept listening. One day they mentioned CAF and how it was open to both Catholics and non-Catholics alike and gave and invitation to join so I said, “What the heck” and gave it a try. I’ve been here ever since May 2014 off and on.

Before CAF, I didn’t know much about Catholicism except that it seemed to be a mystical and mysterious faith that I wanted to learn more about – from actual Catholics. I didn’t want non-Catholics to teach me about Catholicism because I figured they might be prejudiced.

I mainly wanted to compare and contrast my faith beliefs with Catholicism and enhance my walk with Christ in the process. I was open to learning and adjusting my life accordingly because I love and want to serve God with all my heart, soul, and mind.

Even though I am not Catholic and am happy in my current faith tradition, I enjoy learning and interacting with Catholics and others of good will who love and strive to follow Jesus.

I have learned a lot and thank all the good folks who have patiently helped me understand more along my faith journey.

I am not exactly sure myself. I didn’t know much about Catholicism until some interesting talks last year with a group of Catholics and ex-Catholics. I hadn’t known how different Catholicism was from the other Protestant churches I have been a part of. Learning and comparing has challenged me and has grown my faith. I want to continue to learn and be challenged is probably the best answer I can think of.

To help understand the foundation of my Faith and to share our Love of God.

Regards Tony


May I asked just what prompted you to leave the CC?

God Bless you,


Hi Low, and WELCOME to CAF.

It;s the Holy Spirit who has guided you here.:slight_smile:

You’ll find a lot of great information, BUT I caution you, not everyone here is an INFORMED practicing Catholic… So ask alot of questions and if you need clairifaction or evidence of a posters position, don’t hesitate to ask for it:thumbsup:

May God guide your journey,

Patrick [PJM] here on CAF

THANKS for joining us:thumbsup:

If you have questions you’d like to discuss with a bit more privacy, please send me a Private message.

I’m a trained and certified, experienced Catholic Catechist

God Bless you!

Patrick [PJM] here on CAF

You’re in the right place, led here by the Holy Spirit!

I caution you though to be careful. NOT everyone here on CAF is actually and informed and practicing RC.

So don’t hesitate to seek the evidence of what is posted.:thumbsup:


May the Holy Spirit continue to guide your path,

God Bless you,
Patrick [PJM] here on CAF


If you would like to talk in private, please send me a private message.

I’m a retired trained Catholic Catechist with loads of experience sharing our faith.

What you’re doing is courageous and right!:thumbsup:

Pay Much!

I’m adding you to my daily prayer list too

God Bless you and keep you safe!

Patrick [PJM] here on CAF


You may be unaware that it is God the Holy Spirit that brought you here:thumbsup:

CAF is an AWESOME source for information, BUT be a bit cautious, as not everyone here that claims to be “catholic” is ACTUALLY and INFORMED, practicing Catolic:o

Make sure any post that seem strange or do not provide the evidence of their position are challenged.

PRAY Much too!

God Bless you,

Patrick [PJM] here on CAF

THANK you so VERY much for joining us:D

If you have ANY questions you’d like to discuss, I’m a retired, trained and certified Catholic Catechist [teacher] with loads of experience.

Just send me a private message.

God Bless you,

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