What if I was not in a state of grace when I was Confirmed?


Hi everyone. I honestly believe that when I was Confirmed, I was not in a state of grace. However, I am not certain of this. Should I be Confirmed again? :confused:


Confirmation is only ONE time and that’s it. Confirmation leaves a permanent mark on your soul never to be removed. It’s just like Baptism, you only receive it once for all.

How old were you when you were Confirmed?
I ask that question because I think it would be almost impossible for you not to be in a state of grace when having received the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Let’s just say that you have committed a mortal sin (I doubt it), the Sacrament still happened but the Santifying Grace did not penetrate your soul. But no need to worry. All you have to do is go to Confession and the Sanctifying Grace will be there and the Holy Spirit will flood your soul.

Talk to your priest. If you are not sure if you were in a state of grace go to your priest and tell him why you think you were not in a state of grace. I’m sure he will reassure you that you were indeed in a state of grace.

But again, if you are still unsure, just go to Confession. You can Confess even venial sins. But once you go to Confession you have to Trust that Jesus has forgiven you and He also takes away your guilt. That is the beauty of the Tribunal of God’s Mercy & Love.

Confession, it’s a beautiful Sacrament!


Here are some “Examination of Conscience” forms that you can follow before going to Confession;

The Work of God Examination (after reviewing the EOC scroll down for “About Confession with a Priest”)

Father Pat’s Examination

Fr. John Hardon’s Examination <- I like this one because it touches on scruples and covers the theological virtues.

Catholic Information Network (source unknown) <-this is one of my favorites because it covers so much of our Catholic faith. It’s longer than the other ones but well worth it for Spiritual growth.


I’ll go you one ‘better’ (actually worse). Not only wasn’t I in a state of grace, I didn’t even believe in Christianity. I just went through with Confirmation to please my parents.

No, I’m very sorry to tell you, we cannot go through another Confirmation and “do it right.” We blew it. Even a person who receives the sacrament unworthily still receives it – the mark is indelible and cannot be repeated.


The Sacraments are valid without exception with the proper Form, Matter and Intent. However the proper disposition is necessary to receive the full benefit and Grace. A person who receives the Sacrament of Confirmation without being in a State of Grace still validly receives the Sacrament, but does not receive any Sacramental Grace or benefit and if done knowingly commits another Mortal sin.

The Sacrament does not need to be and cannot be repeated. The person needs to go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation and confess the prior sins as well as the Sin of Sacrilege if they intentionally and knowingly received the Sacrament of Confirmation in a state of mortal sin. Once the impediment blocking the Sacramental Grace is removed, it is received by the person.


Ok thanks everyone.


Yep! That’s the way I’d have put it too.


You know, I honestly don’t know if I was in a state of grace when I was confirmed or not but it is good to know that the sacrament was valid anyway. In fact, I remember questioning whether or not I was in a state of grace just before being confirmed as well.


no you did not “blow it” as soon as you return to the state of grace through sacramental confession and absolution the graces and effects of the sacrament are available to you.


This is not good to tell someone, “we blew it” especially if someone is not sure if they were in a state of grace. Oh my goodness, that is not a way to console anyone. There is more to be explained here than just putting “we blew it.”


Very true. If someone knows for sure and deliberately receives the sacrament unworthily, they commit a mortal sin, more specifically, it’s sacrilege. But it doesn’t sound like Holly is guilty of this.


The best thing you can do is examine your conscience, then go to Confession. If you are able to or are not reluctant to go to a priest face to face for Confession that would be good. Or just talk to a priest first if you want.

We do not know your heart, only God does. But you know, something tells me that you will be fine if you just rid yourself of your “guilt” if you just go to confession. Just by you asking this question I can imagine that you are a good Christian and want to do what is right.

You are in my prayers. :signofcross: :gopray:


I believe you were confirmed by a valid Bishop and under valid circumstances, that makes it valid.


One cannot “console” another person by minimizing their pain or loss. If you haven’t experienced the heartbreak of realizing that you can never make a public, lifelong, sacramental commitment to the God you now love because you once did it unworthily, then I’m very glad for you. For those of us now irreversibly deprived of this opportunity, we did blow it.


Actually, I’m not sure why but I and the other RCIA candidates were confirmed by the priests that evening.


God’s love and grace is an endless well and we have only scratched the surface. He is not some machine or abusive Father who delights in torturing His subjects. He is a loving Abba who delights in giving grace to His repentant children.
When I was an evangelical, I liked the CCM song ‘Awesome God’. In the Catholic Church I can say I have met Him.


You did not mention RCIA in any of your other posts. You were Confirmed by the pastor who asked for and was granted permission by the Bishop to Confirm you on his behalf.


Sorry, I did not know that I was supposed to mention RCIA.


When answering questions such as these every little detail is important.


I’m sorry. :blush:

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