What if Joel Olsteen converted?

Just a fun thought, what if Joel Olsteen converted to The Church? With his gift of preaching, would he become a deacon so he could preach the homily?

Also, what would happen to his church? No doubt someone else would assume leadership of the church, but I’m clueless as to what would happen to it, the building, etc.

I guess the big question is, what happens when a big-name evangelist converts to Catholicism? I know the priesthood is out (or is it? I’m confused!), but with that gift of preaching, I can’t see them not participating at all.

Any thoughts?

If he did, what would happen to the Megachurch’s “Name it and Claim” message to obtaining prosperity on Earth, that God wants us all to become wealthy and it is part of his plan for us all.
Can you explain some trick that would convince Osteen not to store treasure upon earth but…Well you get what I’m getting at.
I doubt I will ever, ever seen the millionaire Hinns, Hageys, Roberts, convert to Catholicism. Would we actually want them preaching? Hinn is out somewhere on “fire”, Hagey scares me not because of what he preaches but because of the sheer amount of bubble-gum chewing people (in church) hanging on his every word.
I’ve only seen Osteen on Larry King, not preaching, but I would be interested to see what he thinks of suffering, poverty, the lame, and that first-class airline ticket his wife didn’t get.

While I have little interest in the preaching of any of these folks, including Hagee, I am curious about the reference I bolded. I take it that this is a metaphor of some kind. Could you please explain it?


Hi JonC. No I did not mean it metaphorically. I simply meant that whenever I see Hagee’s televised sermons I at first found it difficult to reconcile the concept of a divine service for the glory of God with the t.v. showing people literally chewing gum in the front pews mouths open. I don’t mean it uncharitably but just that I personally, being used to dressing up for Sunday and being always taught to not chew candy and gum in Church, especially if receiving the Eucharist, found this disconnect at first jarring.

Just a personal reflection of my part, but I hope you took no offense and I do not mean to belittle any people there as that is just the way their pastor has decided to hold services.

God Bless.

Well, that’s why I phrased things the way I did without jumping to conclusions. I don’t care to chew gum in church either for the same reason: what do I do with it when I receive the Eucharist? :wink:


I suppose the closest current thing we have to something like this would be Scott Hahn…

I’ve seen Catholics at Mass when I’m there wearing flip-flops, having cell phones go off, wearing slogans on their t-shirts that are outrageous, and yes, our Monsignor had to tell the congregation that he’s fed up with seeing people WALK UP TO TAKE COMMUNION CHEWING BUBBLE GUM and to knock it off!

I see guys go up for communion in Dodgers jerseys and Lakers jerseys, etc.

Heck, if they’re going to wear a jersey to church, they could at least wear a San Francisco Giants jersey! Go Giants! LOL

Protestants and Catholics both have their slobs with no class in the congregation. many protestants dress a lot nicer than catholics at mass. I’ve seen that.

Very true. Seems to really,I think, only have started in the last 20 years or so. But then again you in California are always a bit ahead of the curve. San Francisco Golden Seals?


You are very pompous

I hope and pray that you do not believe that if one wears flip-flops to Church that they do not love and honor God as much as the rest of us. Shoot, John the Baptist was not the best dressed! This is the type of post, that turns people off from coming to Church. They fear being judged for their attire. They are afraid that they will not be dressed correctly to fit in–I have heard this in our Soup Kitchen from the many working poor and homeless that are our guests.

God loves and wants even those that don’t subscribe to our idea of what is the “right” thing to wear in His House. If I found myself in a Church that was more concerned with what people were wearing and not spiritually feeding them, I would be gone!

By the way, if you ever see me wearing a Giants t-shirt, the end of the world is fast approaching!:wink:

God Bless!

I think many of his “followers” would think he’s nuts. Perhaps some of them would think the devil got to him.

I do believe however, that some might become curious and look into the Catholic Church and hopefully convert themselves.

I don’t think gurneyhalleck1 meant any disrespect or judgement on those people who do not dress appropriately to Mass. But I would have to say that I am also getting fed up with some of the attire that I see. And let’s not compare John the Baptist here. He wore what he wore as penance and that’s all he had. I think a little respect with the proper attire should be shown. Now if those people were wearing that stuff because that is all they had, it would be a different story. But I doubt that to be the case. I’m sure those same people would not be wearing that stuff if attending a friend’s wedding. You would fast find out that what they wear to Mass is not all they had as if they were poor. If that was the case then fine. They could at least go to the nearest St. Vincent de Paul store or food pantry and pick up some shoes and clothes there, for FREE!

Scott Hahn’s great. He said he pulled many Catholics out of the Church when he was protestant. After his conversion he also said that he found all those people and tried to convince them that he was wrong and to come back home.

A consistent theme on the EWTN program “The Journey Home” hosted by Marcus Grodi of the Coming Home Network Int. chnetwork.org/ is former clergy not wanting to lead astray their flock and digging into history as to what the early church fathers wrote and did. As Cardinal Newman said, “To be steeped in history is to cease to be Protestant”. I say to want the truth is to be disposed toward history.

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