What if Mary had said "no"?


Much is made of Mary’s “fiat” during the Annunciation.

Well, what if she had said “no”??

Presumably she had the free will to decline.


Christ would not have entered the world and we would have no hope.


Mary did have free will, yes - so did Noah, Abraham, Moses, Adam and Eve.

We’ll never really know what would have happened had Mary refused, or had Noah refused to build the Ark, Abraham to make his covenant with God and leave Ur, or Moses to lead Israel out of Egypt. Or had Adam and Eve refused to eat the apple.

One assumes that God simply knew they’d say yes - and that Adam and Eve would say no. He is omniscient after all, knowing past, present and future (otherwise he couldn’t confer the gift of prophecy on anyone).

God’s knowing our future doesn’t negate our free will, of course.


To say ‘no’ to God means to sin, to go against the will of God.
Mary was Immaculate, born without sin, and never in her life commited sin. Therefore never in her life did she say no to God.
You talk about her free will. Well, one is trully free only when one chooses to walk towards the light. To choose darkness is enslaving (you can’t see where you are going; you can stumble, fall, etc).
She had free will, so she freely chose to fulfill God’s will.

What reasons could she have had to say no? Selfishness?, fear?, that she did not care about her people having a Saviour? All those reasons would be sinful, all of them would come frome someone that is not totally open to the grace of God. Remember Mary was called by the Angel: ‘full of grace’; she was full of grace, in total sync, so to speak, with God.
So, she said yes and we bless her for that!!!
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I personally think that since God knew us before we were born (all of the hairs on our head were counted [Luke 12:7]), He chose Mary knowing that she would say yes. While she of course had free will, He knew that she would agree to it.


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