What if Mary said "No Thanks"?


I travel a lot for work and was listening to a wonderful message by Fr. John Corapi (one of my favorites!!!) on Our Lady. In a great way, he desribed Mary as the most wonderful “creature,” truly foremost of all creation. And he also mentioned the virulent flack he has gotten from protestants for his views.

But I wonder what would have happned had she declined the offer to be the Mother of Our Lord. And I do take it as an offer and her Holy acceptance. Otherwise, why would she have said “Let be unto me as you say” if it was an order? Could she have declined or was her nature as being Full of Grace make this an impossibility? I doubt there could have been a “second string” when it came to being Mother of God. I know this is a moot question but wondered if there is any academic comments on this?




Hi Tim,

God could have become incarnate in any way He chose. But Mary was so open to Him, that there was no way she would have refused Him.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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