What if someone has prayed to a saint who is legendary or who did not exist?

So there are several popular saints who are thought to have been legendary. St Catherine of Alexandria was a popular saint during the middle ages, and now it is thought that most of her stories were taken from Hypatia. Some say another popular saint, like St Christopher may have been legendary… So what happens if someone prayed to them?

I think God hears all prayers. Prayer changes us, and all prayers will be used by God to help us.
It is worthwhile to point out that Catharine of Alexandria was one of Joan of Arc’s voices, a meaningful fact to me at least and proof that she existed even if legends arose about her.


God would direct the prayers to an appropriate source. Besides, I am not so quick to dismiss saints as a “myth” when people have prayed to them for centuries. Given the number of other alleged saints who have likely been forgotten, God doesn’t let a cult persist for 1000-2000 years without a basis for it, even if we cannot historically confirm one.

There is no historical evidence for many Biblical persons either especially in the OT, yet I believe they existed.

St. Philomena, who some allege was all made up, was St John Vianney’s lifelong patron. He is not only a great saint himself, but had mystical gifts. Do you think God would have let him pray his whole life to a phony saint? Don’t be misled by this bunk about Hypatia or whatever. Have a little faith.


I don’t believe modern assertions which say some saints are legendary. Sure, some saints may have legendary stories attached to them but that doesn’t mean the saint was a legend. Ignore the legendary fables but don’t ignore the saint.


Legendary tales are based on real life people.

i.e. Noah is a real life person who is alive and praying for us.

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I’m a big supporter of scholarship. But I question the motives of some modern scholars who reject long-standing consensus. I think it inadvertently undermines the Faith.

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