What if someone is too shy to go to confession?


Im just curious:

What if someone is very shy to go to confession?

Is it valid or can someone be forgiven by doing intense penance and repent for your sins in prayer? Why?

How can you tell when you’re forgiven?


Dear RA,

I don’t think anyone would be too shy to cry for help if one were drowning. Being in need of God’s foegiveness is far more serious than drowning.

Certainly, if one has perfect contrition, one can ask for God’s forgiveness and one will be forgiven. The problem is that one is never sure that one’s forgiveness is perfect, i.e., being TOTALLY concerned about having offended God.

No amount of intense prayer can equal perfect contrition. Besides one has the option of confessing anonymously. So shyness need not be an obstacle.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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