What if the Husband doesn't want to marry in church?

I have recently learned that I cannot received Holy Communion because I was married in a civil wedding. This devastated me :crying: I asked my husband if we can marry in church but he still doesn’t want to :sad_yes: we are both Catholics and been married for 11 years. What can I do if my husband doesn’t want to marry in church? Am I forever doomed not to receive Holy Communion? :crying: hElP:confused:

There is a possible solution. If you are both free to marry (i.e. never married before your current civil marriage) then you may apply for what is called a radical sanation. In this process the Bishop will retroactively dispense from canonical form and accept your original vows. If your husband would have an extreme reaction to this process then it could take place without your husband’s knowledge or approval.

This process begins with your local parish priest. He will need to collect both your and your husband’s records of baptism and of your civil marriage. He will also want to be assured as much as possible that you and your husband from the moment of your civil vow have been and will continue to be (until death) faithful to the Church’s understanding of marriage. He would then forward the paperwork to the Bishop’s office for review.

The diocese of Springfield, IL has good information on their site: Radical Sanation of a Merely Civil Marriage

Catholic Answers also has previously addressed this topic: Sanated or sanitized?

Good luck and God bless.

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