What if the Pope say something Shocking Heretic in Public?

Hello, I don’t intend this topic to be something silly but I was wondering about the Infalibility of the Pope.

The Cardinals cannot “impeach” a pope, which means, that even if all cardinals and all catholics of the world together intended to take a pope of his throne, they couldn’t do that (except trying to kill), because the pope is the supreme authority of the church, but they cannot via the structure of the church take a pope of the power.

What if a Pope say an heresy in public like: “There is no Hell, or the Virgin Mary was not literaly Virgin…”

Or if he goes even further and say something shocking as: “I am the Antichrist! I am not a Catholic!”

Would the Church end if something like that happened? The infalibility of the pope would end and all our faith would be meaningless?

It may sound a silly question, but it is really disturbing me these days, if the Pope do or say something shocking in public, I would feel like all our faith would end this moment, and it is theoretically a possibility you know, people have free-will, and the church can suffer from infiltration of bad people… and this bad people can reach the higher ranks of the church…

Anyone could help us with that?

If he endorsed a heresy “ex cathedra”, then you’d have to call Jesus Christ a liar because the gates of hell would have prevailed and the Holy Spirit failed to guide His Church in all Truth.

If he did it as a private opinion, he’d join the ranks of other Popes and Bishops who gave scandal to the Church because of their fallen human nature, and you’d have to admit to yourself that there is some difference between “infallibility” and “impeccability”.

What would be a situtation that the pope could do an heresy ex cathedra?

Did the faith end when Peter denied Christ 3 times? Did it end when all, but 1, of Christ’s Apostles abandoned Him at the crucifixion? Did it end when a persecutor/murderer of Christians (Paul) was made an Apostle? Did it end when Peter gave scandal by not eating with the Gentile converts because they were not circumcised? Did it end when Christ, Himself, hand-picked sinners to be leaders for His Church?

“No”, to all of the above. If our faith did not end because of those sins-of-men and those scandals due to men’s sinful nature, why would it end today when there are still men placed, by God, in charge of the Church?

There is no such situation. That’s exactly my point. The Pope cannot teach error on matters of faith and morals which must be accepted by the Church…because the Holy Spirit won’t allow it…because Christ said so.

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