What if there is no Crucifix at Mass?

Hi, I recently moved and the parish I’m now attending only puts out a large altar crucifix during Lent. There is no processional crucifix, just a cross, and during the remainder of the liturgical year, there is a statue of a clothed and resurrected Jesus (with his arms outstretched) over the altar (no cross behind him, just a free-hanging statue). There is a small (8" tall or so) crucifix standing on the altar itself, facing away from the people and toward the priest.

This greatly troubles me, as I know what the General Instruction for the Roman Missal states. I spoke with the pastor, he told me about only putting out the crucifx during Lent, and he said “it’s not necessary to have a crucifix [up] during Mass” and that “the 8” one on the altar sufficed." I know he’s wrong about this, but I didn’t have the heart to reference the GIRM to him (I didn’t feel comfortable correcting a priest). There are other “things” that occur at this parish (congregational prayers not part of the liturgy, etc.) that I can offer up, but the crucifix issue really bothers me.

I want to obey my pastor, but I want to obey the Magisterium, as well. I feel I should go to the bishop, but a few things have me hesitating:

  1. I personally feel this is serious, but is this truly a bishop-worthy matter, or a mere sacrifice I should offer up?

  2. Is there any recourse if the bishop sees no problem?

Please answer, as I’ve been struggling with this for months. I feel as if our Lord’s sacrifice is being pushed under the rug and I just can’t stand it. Thank you,

The following links should help answer your questions about the presence of a crucifix in a church. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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