What if there was an uncreated original cause of the Universe?

I brought a book by Lee Strobel that (to my horror) tried to argue against evolution- something I consider to be absurd. However, I believe evolution and Creation CAN be interwoven with faith…

Although, this is an interesting question: the odds against anything existing are minute…the story of evolution is astounding…many say these two things point to God. However, wouldn’t it be just as likely to hypothesize that, against ridiculous odds, we were just lucky and had no supernatural ‘helping hand’?

The ‘chances against’ the Universe being as it is may be huge. But surely it COULD be that it was just ‘luck’? And then, if that is so, the sequence of evolution explains, neatly, how a Universe might ‘wind up’ as incredibly complex. Everything from ears, to eyes…to even our deepest thoughts, might have come from ‘chance’ and surely there is no way to prove against it? If thousands of possible genes are created, it is surely no mytery that when some genes survive, those genes are well adapted to life- that is why they survived. So if every mutation of the genes happens but all the unsuccessful ones dies, IS it a mytery that complex but useful traits emerge in creatures?
I can, obviously, not prove that all is chance but niether can anyone prove, without doubt, that (for all the holes in our logic) there aren’t credible materialist explanations that we just haven’t realised yet- a gap in knowledge does not a God make.
And ‘unliklihood’ does not prove the supernatural it merely proves there were huge odds.

Argument Through First Cause is an interesting one…
But, if it proves anything, it proves a force that needed no cause.

That force needn’t be intelligent, omnipotent or anything other than ‘something that could create that had itself no creation’. It needn’t even be ‘a force’…we have no idea of physics outside of time and space. The logic that a ‘great something’ needs to come from a ‘greater something’ is rooted in Earth logic…that’s only if you have Time for one thing! We surely cannot ‘guess’ at what logics exist beyond our very knowledge of ‘logic’…
Maybe creation points to a ‘fine tuning’ that suggests a designer…maybe it was a massive bit of ‘luck’…or maybe, as nobody ever seems to suggest, it was caused by something we don’t know about yet?
What if this is a bit like cavemen trying to fathom what stars are- outside our capacity and, hence, easy to ‘make things up about’ using what we do know as a basis?

‘First Cause’ is an interesting argument that raises questions…but it does not seem to follow through that it’s answer is there’s a God. It merely poses a problem that ‘gives space’ for there to be a God…but this is not a fictional plot. The ‘possible gap’ for His existence doesn’t make it likely He’ll fill it.

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