What if there wasn't any birth control?

Just consider for a moment what the demands on the planet might be if there was no birth control? We know that the rate of natural increase is 2.1 children per child-bearing woman. In the absence of birth control however, that rate would likely rise significantly - perhaps to 6 or 7 per woman. Would this not have a catastrophic impact on our ability to feed ourselves and sustain a level of comfort? Presumably those who opposed birth control have given some consideration to this potentially dire circumstance. How does one reconcile the potentially disasterous outcome of exponential population growth with the demand of the church to avoid using birth control? And by birth control I don’t mean abortion.

NFP is extremely effective. So it’s not as if we women would be ‘breeding like rabbits’.

Perhaps our more chaste habits would return as well.

And It’s not so much that we cannot feed the people–and even potentially many more billions–as that there are PEOPLE who prevent it. Despots who hoard food and deny it to others. Those who slaughter the ones who would be growing and distributing food.

There is food available in the oceans and in the deserts as well as in the optimum growing areas. We humans use a fraction of what is available to us.

Equitable distribution, appropriate conservation, and true Christian habits would give us much more. As it is, we could currently house the entire world’s population right now in an area the size of Texas. . .and that with enough 'room to spare.

Our middle class US notion of comfort is arrant luxury to those in the second and third world. . .and don’t even start me on what we consider ‘true luxury’ as opposed to comfort. But we could easily supply the needs of billions if we would truly wish to be Christian AND human.


Women would still have the observable signs of fertility and the rational minds to interpret those signs. As do millions of couples, each couple would still have the ability to discern if they were to be open to conception this month or not.

We would not have sex hormones in our water supply.

We may see some countries actually pull themselves up to population replacement numbers.

Lastly, God created an earth that would support, feed, all of the persons who need to be fed, just like now. Perhaps if people had more respect for human life the political corruption would be lessened and we would not see the evil withholding of food from those who need it.


I actually think there is a correlation between the legalization of abortion and
the rise of serial killers. Many of the infamous American serial killers began around the time of Roe v. Wade.
Life is dispensable. Life is not valued.

As I’m reading it, birth control is brought up here as if people have no control over their actions. But we do.

Maybe I’m misreading things. It’s possible. I misunderstand things a lot, and if that’s the case, I apologize.

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