What if we are all wrong?


As all know I am a Protestant from the Bible Belt.
I have watched Catholics on this forum point out why we Protestants are wrong and on the same forum I have saw Protestants point out the errors of the Catholic Church.
What has been going thru my head (not saying I believe this but it is buzzing round my brain) is what if we are ALL wrong and the Jews are correct that all of Christianity as a whole is nothing but a big cult in rebellion against them?:confused:
Any of you ever have this thought?


well i for one am not too worried about it because i have faith in the truths revealed by Jesus. I simply can’t believe that billions of people are wrong. Those called to the priesthood, that is not a natural call, God is involved there. This is my logic, why would the 12 have given up their lives if they did not have 100% faith in the Resurrection?


Well, I have never doubted Christianity. Sure, there are times we ask the questions you are asking, but I never came to the conclusion you have here.

What you need to seperate is “wrong” about authority or “Wrong” about the whole Jesus of Nazereth.

Two different things to compare here. Even back in early Christianity there were battles of “wrong” practice and “orthodox” (or correct beliefs) practice.

Do not worry, be open to the journey and do not rush yourself. The Holy Spirit will guide you along the way.

Watching arguments about doctrinal differences and the like can be very confusing and sad to see. Don’t look at it as proof of anything other than humanity is flawed, we are sinners. But, Jesus Christ is much larger than the persons who believe in him (correctly or incorrectly) and is not to be discounted due to the fact that there is division in the body of Christ.

There was division with the apostles, (Judas comes to mind here) and Christ knew there would be. Its something to pray about, but not something to cause one to abandon Christ for.:slight_smile:


I am beginning to feel guilty for posting this question, as I said I don’t believe we are wrong but just the notion that would could be passed thru my head.
Terrible post to make before going to church I suppose.



No its not. Honesty is a real emotion and I respect it. :slight_smile:


To say that if we are wrong is to say “Jesus is not God Himself”.

Could you imagine who else he could be?


I suppose one could ask “then why did God allow temple Judaism to come to an end for these 2000 years?” And “why did all those cult starters let themselves be brutally killed?”

It (Christianity being a lie) is just not something I worry about.


No, good post, it keeps everybody on their toes.:smiley:


If someone could demonstrate using rational and cogent argument what I believed to be true was false, then I would abandon that belief. So far as my faith is concerned, no-one has given a convincing case as to why it is totally false, and until that happens, I see no reason to change.


If you deny anything we profess regarding who Jesus is, then we are in deep trouble. Either Jesus was the greatest man in history or the biggest deceiver.

He is not. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.


Regarding Original Post:

1 Corinthians 15:16-17
For if the dead are not raised, neither has Christ been raised, and if Christ has not been raised, your faith is vain; you are still in your sins.

1 Corinthians 15:20
But now Christ has been raised from the dead, the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep.

1 Corinthians 12:3
…And no one can say, “Jesus is Lord,” except by the holy Spirit.


All religions need to be tested in order to ascertain their truthfulness.

How to test the truth of a religion?


Ham, dont look at this as an opportunity to scoop Sand into Islam here.

We wont let him.:wink:


Well, Christianity may be a ‘big cult’ but it’s hardly in rebellion against Judaism since, from a Jewish perspective, it’s got very little to do with Judaism itself.

As to your ‘what if . . . ?’ situation, from a Jewish perspective, being a Christian doesn’t disadvantage you in any way - Judaism isn’t a “believe like us or you’re doomed” religion.


Respect to the first:
What is meant by “still in your sins”? If there is no Christianity and no objective Truth, couldn’t it be said, “sin” is a meaningles term? I don’t think I understand what Paul means here.

Respect to the second:
Does this mean a person is incapable of believeing in Christ without the Holy Spirit? I don’t understand this passage either. One can believe in Budda, or Apollo or Zues without any outside assistance. Why not Christ?


Without the Holy Spirit, we do not have God’s Grace in order to have faith.




when we have doubts about our beliefs and faith,it is a normal human emotion.what we do to alieve or reassess our doubts is the important thing.I am a cradle Catholic,and still wonder about things the Church teaches.But I dont just leave it at that.I start to study Church History and find out WHY she teaches those things that trouble me.It is through her History of Faithfully following the Teachings of the Apostles,that I can realize the truth is always on Her side,and is being offered to me for my benefit and salvation.Dont give up.There are not stupid questions,just stupid people(jk)Just you being on this forum shows a desire to find the truth.Enjoy the Journey and learn what God has instore for you


Thank you but his simply attempted to answer the question by stating the question again.


What is meant by “still in your sins”? If there is no Christianity and no objective Truth, couldn’t it be said, “sin” is a meaningles term? I don’t think I understand what Paul means here.

It seems strange to me that is is only fairly recently that people don’t seem know what a sin is or if and when they sin. I guess, in some respects I am no different than many who feel this way. But obviously being forgiven from sins must have meant everything to those people who were willing to go with their children into an arena full of wild beasts rather than to offer a pinch of incense to the emperor.

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